God never stops loving us!

300 God never stops loving us

Do you know that most people who believe in God have a hard time believing that God loves them? People find it easy to imagine God as Creator and Judge, but terribly hard to see God as the One who loves them and cares deeply about them. But the truth is that our infinitely loving, creative, and perfect God creates nothing that opposes him, which is in opposition to himself. Everything God creates is good, a perfect manifestation in the universe of its perfection, creativity and love. Wherever we find the opposite - hatred, selfishness, greed, fear and fear - it is not because God made things that way.

What is evil other than the perversion of something that was originally good? Everything God created, including us humans, was exceedingly good, but it is the ...

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Where does Jesus live?

165 where lives jesusWe worship a resurrected Redeemer. That means that Jesus lives. But where does he live? Does he have a house? Maybe he lives down the street - as the volunteer in the homeless shelter. Maybe he lives in the big house on the corner with foster children. Maybe he also lives in your house - as the one who mowed the neighbor's lawn when he was sick. Jesus could even wear your clothes, as you did when you helped a woman whose car had been left on the highway.

Yes, Jesus is alive and he lives in everyone who has accepted him as Savior and Lord. Paul said he was crucified with Christ. That's why he could say, "And yet I live; but not me anymore, but Christ lives in me. What I now live in the flesh, I live in faith in the Son of God, who loved me and made himself for me ...

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Three in unison

421 three in oneThree in unison where the Bible mentions "God" does not mean a single being in the sense of an "old man with a long, white beard" called God. In the Bible, one recognizes God who created us as a unity of three distinct or "different" persons, namely, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. The father is not the son, and the son is not the father. The Holy Spirit is not the father or the son. They have different personalities, but the same motives, intentions, and same love, and have the same entity and being (1Mo 1, 26, Mt28, 19, Lk 3,21-22). The three gods are so close and so familiar that when we know a person of God, we also know the other persons. That is why Jesus reveals that God is one and that should ...

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