Who is Jesus Christ?

If you asked a randomly selected group of people who Jesus Christ is, you would receive a variety of answers. Some would say that Jesus was a great moral teacher. Some would consider him a prophet. Others would equate him with religious founders like Buddha, Muhammad or Confucius.

Jesus is God

Jesus himself once asked this question to his disciples. We find the story in Matthew 16.
"Then Jesus came into the area of ​​Caesarea Philippi and asked his disciples, saying, Who say the people that the Son of Man is? They said: Some say that you are John the Baptist, others, that you are Elijah, some others, you are Jeremiah or one of the prophets. He asked her: Who tells her that I am? Then Simon Peter answered and said, "You are Christ, the living Son of God!"

Throughout the New Testament we find evidence of Jesus' identity. He healed lepers, the lame and the blind. He woke up the dead. In John 8,58, when he was questioned about how he might have special knowledge of Abraham, he replied: "Before Abraham became I am." With that he invoked himself and applied to himself the personal name of God "I am" in 2. Mose 3,14 is mentioned. In the next verse, we see that his listeners understood exactly what he said about himself. "They picked up stones to throw at him. But Jesus hid himself and went out to the temple. "(John 8,59) In John 20,28, Thomas fell down before Jesus and exclaimed," My Lord and my God! " The Greek text literally reads, "The Lord of mine and the God of mine!"

In Philippians 2,6, Paul tells us that Jesus Christ was "in divine form." But for our sake, he chose to be born human, which makes Jesus unique, He is God and man at the same time, bridging the vast, impossible divide divine and human, and weld together God and humanity, the creator is connected to the creatures in a bond of love, which can not explain human logic.

When Jesus asked the question of his identity to his disciples, Peter replied: "You are Christ, the living Son of God! And Jesus answered and said unto him, Blessed are you, Simon, Jonah's son; because flesh and blood did not reveal that to you, but my Father in heaven "(Mt 16,16-17).

Jesus was not just human for a short period of time between his birth and his death. He rose from death and left at the right hand of the Father, where he is today our Redeemer and our lawyer - as a man with [God] - still one of us, God in the flesh, now glorified for our sake, as well he was crucified for our sake.

Immanuel - God with us - is still with us and will be with us forever.

by Joseph Tkach