Thoughts of Joseph Tkach

God the potter

193 god the toepferDo you remember when God turned Jeremiah's attention to the potter's disc (Jer. 18,2-6)? God used the picture of the potter and the clay to teach us a haunting lesson. Similar messages that use the image of the potter and the sound are found in Isaiah 45,9 and 64,7 as well as in Romans 9,20-21.

One of my favorite cups, which I often use to drink tea in my office, carries a picture of my family. As I'm looking at her, she reminds me of the story of the talking teacup. The story is told from the teacup in the first person, and explains how she became what her creator was up to.

I was not always a nice teacup. Originally, I was just a ...

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God never stops loving us!

300 God never stops loving us

Do you know that most people who believe in God have a hard time believing that God loves them? People find it easy to imagine God as Creator and Judge, but terribly hard to see God as the One who loves them and cares deeply about them. But the truth is that our infinitely loving, creative, and perfect God creates nothing that opposes him, which is in opposition to himself. Everything God creates is good, a perfect manifestation in the universe of its perfection, creativity and love. Wherever we find the opposite - hatred, selfishness, greed, fear and fear - it is not because God made things that way.

What is the evil ...

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Does God still love you?

194 still loves her godDo you know that many Christians live every day and are not sure that God still loves them? They are worried that God might reject them, and worse, that he has already rejected them. Maybe you are the same scared. Why do you think Christians are so worried?

The answer is simply that they are honest with themselves. They know that they are sinners. They are painfully aware of their failures, their mistakes, their transgressions - their sins. They have been taught that God's love and even salvation depends on how well they obey God.

So they keep telling God how sorry they are and begging for forgiveness, hoping ...

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