Better than ants

341 better than antsHave you ever been in a huge crowd where you felt small and insignificant? Or did you sit in a plane and notice that the people on the ground were small like vermin? Sometimes I think that in God's eyes we look like locusts leaping around in the dirt.

In Isaiah 40,22-24, God says:
He sits enthroned above the earth's circle, and those who dwell on it are like locusts; he spreads the sky like a veil and spreads it like a tent in which one lives; he reveals the princes that they are nothing, and he destroys the judges on earth: they have hardly been planted when they are scarcely sown; their trunk is hardly rooted in the earth, when it inflates them that they wither, and a Cyclone leads them away like chaff. Does that mean we do not mean much to God as "mere grasshoppers?" Can we really matter to such a powerful being?

The 40. The chapter of Isaiah shows us the ridiculousness of comparing people to the great God: "Who created them? He who leads their army out after the number that calls them all by name. His fortune is so great and so strong is he that one can not fail "(Jes 40,26).

The same chapter also addresses the question of our value to God. He sees our difficulties and never refuses to listen to our case. The depths of his understanding far exceed ours. He is interested in the weak and tired and gives them strength and strength.

If God were sitting on a throne high above the earth, then he might actually only see us as insects. But he is always present, here with us, in us and gives us great attention.

We humans constantly seem to be concerned with the general question of meaning. That made some believe that we were here by accident and that our lives were meaningless. "Then let us celebrate!" But we are indeed valuable because we have been created in the image of God. He sees us as human beings, each of whom is important; every man honors him in his own way. In a crowd of a million, each one is just as important as the other - everyone is valuable to the Creator of our souls.

Why do we seem to be so concerned with denying each other meaning? Sometimes we offend, humiliate and insult those who carry the image of the Creator. We forget or ignore the fact that God loves everyone. Or are we so arrogant to believe that some were put on this earth just to submit to certain "superiors"? Mankind seems to be plagued by ignorance and arrogance, even abuse. The only real solution to this main problem is of course knowledge and belief in the one who gave us life and therefore meaning. Meanwhile, we need to see how best we can handle these things.

Our example of treating each other as meaningful beings is Jesus, who never treated anyone as garbage. Our responsibility to Jesus and each other is to follow his example - to recognize and treat God's image in every person we meet. Are we important to God? As bearers of his likeness, we care so much about him that he sent his only son to die for us. And that says everything.

by Tammy Tkach

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