Chosen by God

Anyone who has ever been elected to a team that participated in a game or anything that affects other candidates knows the feeling of being the chosen one. It gives you the feeling of being favored and preferred. On the other hand, most of us also know the opposite, not to have been elected, you feel ignored and rejected.

God, who made us as we are, and who understands these feelings, emphasizes that his choice of Israel to his people was carefully considered, and did not happen by chance. He said to them, "For you are a holy people to the LORD your God, and the LORD hath chosen you to be a people of property to him among all the peoples that are on the earth." (5.Mose 14,2). Other verses in the Old Testament also show that God chose: a city, priests, judges and kings.

Colossians 3,12 and 1. Thess. 1,4 explain that we too, like Israel, have been chosen: "We know, God beloved brothers, your election (to His people)." This means that none of us was an accident, we are all here Reason for God's plan, everything he does happens with intention, love and wisdom.

In my last article about our identity in Christ, I put the word "choose" at the foot of the cross. It is something that, in my opinion, belongs to the core knowledge of who we are in Christ and is also crucial to spiritual health. If we go around and believe that we are here by some whim of God or rolling a cube, our faith (faith) will be weak, and our development as mature Christians will suffer.

Each of us must know and believe that God chose us and called us by name. He patted you and me on the back and said, "I choose you, follow me!" We can have faith in knowing that God chose us, loved us, and has a plan for each one of us.

What should we do with this information, except to feel warm and fluffy? It is the foundation of our Christian life. God wants us to know that we belong to him, we are loved, we are wanted and our father cares for us. But it's not because we did anything. As he said to the Israelites in the fifth book of Moses 7,7: "It is not because you are more numerous than all nations that the LORD hath lusted after you and chosen you; for you are the least of all peoples. "Because God loves us, we can say with David," What are you grieving, my soul, and so restless in me? Wait for God; because I will thank him for being my salvation and my God "(Psalm 42,5)!

Because we are chosen, we can hope for him, praise him and trust him. We can then turn to others and radiate the joy that we have in God.

by Tammy Tkach

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