Honor God daily

When I go to the office or meet with business people, I put on something special. On the days when I stay at home, I wear everyday clothes. I'm sure you have them too - a pair of half-worn jeans or stained shirts.

When you think about honoring God, do you think of special clothes or everyday clothes? If honoring it is something we do constantly, we have to think in everyday terms.

Think of the tasks that make up an ordinary day: driving to work, school or grocery, cleaning the house, mowing the lawn, removing rubbish, checking your emails. None of these things are out of the ordinary, and most of them do not require dressy clothing. When it comes to honoring God, there is no such thing as "no shirt, no shoes, no service." He accepts our homage on the "come as you are" basis.

I can honor God in some ways, and I have also found that I feel most satisfied when I consciously seek to honor Him. Examples from my life: take time to confirm his sovereignty over me and to pray for others. Seeing other people from the perspective of God and treating them accordingly.

To fulfill my responsibilities in my family and at home. The right thing to eat, exercise and get enough sleep (my body is the temple of the Holy Spirit). Handing over my problems and my transformation to God and awaiting the outcome. To use the gifts he gave me for his purpose.

Do you honor God daily? Or is it something that will save you for the times when you "dress up"? Does it only happen when you go to church?

If you have not heard or read about "Practicing the Presence of God," I would highly recommend it to you. Brother Lawrence was a monk in the 17. Century, and learned what it means to honor God in the ordinary things of daily life. He spent a lot of time working in the monastery kitchen. He found great joy and fulfillment a good example for me when I mum about cooking or cleaning the dishes!

I love the prayer he said before starting his work, "O my God, since you are with me and I must now obey what you have commanded - direct your attention to this external work. To grant me the grace to continue in your presence with this goal in mind, may my work prosper with your help, I lay everything to you, as well as all my love. "

He said of his kitchen work: "These working hours are no different for me than the times of prayer." In the noise and rattle of my kitchen, while several people have different desires, I enjoy God just as peacefully as when I knelt at the altar, ready for the Lord's Supper to take. "

Let us practice the presence of God no matter what we do and honor Him in the daily things. Even while we clean and sort the dishes.

by Tammy Tkach

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