Do you believe?

Mary and Martha did not know what they should think of Jesus when he came to their city four days after Lazarus' burial. As her brother's illness worsened, they sent for Jesus, whom they knew he could cure. They thought that Jesus, having been so close friends with Lazarus, would come to him and turn everything for the better. But he did not do it. It seemed that Jesus had more important things to do. So he stayed where he was. He told his disciples that Lazarus was going to sleep. They thought he did not understand that Lazarus is dead. As usual, they were again the ones who did not understand.

When Jesus and the disciples finally arrived in Bethany, where the sisters and brother lived, Marta told Jesus that her brother's corpse had already begun to decay. They were so disappointed that they reproached Jesus for having waited too long to help his terminally ill friend.

I would also have been disappointed - or, more apt, upset, angry, hysterical, desperate - have not you? Why did Jesus let her brother die? Yes why? We often ask the same question today - why did God let my loved ones die? Why did he allow this or that disaster? If there is no answer, we turn away from God angrily.

But Maria and Marta, though they were disappointed, hurt and a little angry, did not turn away. Jesus' words in John 11 were enough to reassure Martha. His tears in verse 35 showed Maria how interested he was.

These are the same words that comfort and reassure me today as I prepare for two occasions to celebrate a birthday and Easter Sunday, the resurrection of Jesus. In John 11,25 Jesus does not say, "Do not worry, Marta, I will raise Lazarus." He said to her, "I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even if he dies. "

I am the resurrection. Strong words. How could he say that? With what power could he give his own life to death and regain it? (Mt26,61). We know what Mary, Martha, Lazarus and the disciples did not yet know, but found out later: Jesus was God, is God and will always be God. Not only does he have the power to raise dead people, but he is the resurrection. That means he is life. Life dwells in God and describes his nature. That's why he calls himself: I AM.

My impending birthday gave me reason to think about life, death and what happens next. When I read the words that Jesus Marta said, I mean that he asks me the same question. Do you believe, I believe, that he is the resurrection and the life? Do I think I will live again, knowing that I have to die like any other because I believe in Jesus? Yes I do. How could I enjoy the time left to me if I did not do it?

Because Jesus laid down his life and accepted it again, because the grave was empty and Christ was risen, I too will live again. Happy Easter and a happy birthday for me!

by Tammy Tkach

pdfDo you believe?