Enjoy the journey

Did you have a good trip? This is usually the first question you get when you leave the plane. How often do you reply, "No, it was awful. The plane took off late, we had a turbulent flight, there was no meal and I have a headache now! "(Oops, that sounds like it happened to me after one of my more unpleasant flights!)

I would be sorry to waste a whole day just to travel from one place to another; That's why I try to use my travel time somehow. I always take several books with me, letters to answer, articles to be edited, audio tapes and, of course, some chocolate as a treat! So, even if the ride was bumpy or I arrived late, I can still say that I enjoyed the trip because I did not just sit there worrying about all sorts of things that went wrong or cooking with rage.

Is not life sometimes like that? Life is a journey; we can also enjoy it and use the time that God has given us, or we can sincerely care about the circumstances and wish that things would have gone differently.

Somehow our life is made up of travel days. It seems we are rushing from one place to another, rushing wildly to meet people and crossing out what's on our list. Let's ever look back to take a mental snapshot of the day and say, "This is a moment of my life. Thank you, sir, for this moment and for this life "?

"We should live more in the present moment," says Jan Johnson in her book, "Enjoying the Presence of God," because it helps us appreciate the processes and outcomes of life. "

Life is more than just ticking off the completed in our lists. Sometimes we are fully engaged in being productive and only feel satisfied when we have done as much as we can. While it is good to enjoy one's accomplished accomplishments, they are much sweeter if we "enjoy this present moment instead of lingering in the past or speculating illusory about the future." (Ibid.) Not only do the good things seem good better in life, if we enjoy every moment, but also the bad ones become more bearable, if you consider them as part of the whole process.Exams and problems are not permanent they are more like rough stones on the path, I know, it's easy to say. Remember, though, that you have already passed many harsh places, and that your present ones will soon be behind you, and it helps to remember that we are not just here for this purpose, we are on our way to another, better place, Paul encourages us in Philippians 3,13-14:
"Brothers, I do not consider myself to have grasped it; but one thing I do: I forget what is behind, and stretch out after what lies ahead, and hunt for the goal, the competitive price of the heavenly vocation of God in Christ Jesus. "

Let us continue with the goal in mind. But we also enjoy every travel day and use the time. Good Trip!

by Tammy Tkach

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