New creatures

Seeds, onions, eggs, caterpillars. These things are exciting, are not they? When I planted flower bulbs this spring, I was a little skeptical. How could these ugly, brown, bulky onions produce the beautiful flowers on the package label?

Well, with some time, some water, and some sun, my skepticism turned into awe so that green germs sprouted from the ground first. Then buds appeared. After that, these pink and white, 15 cm big flowers opened. So no false advertising! What a miracle!

Once again the spiritual is reflected in the physical. Let us take a look around. Let's look in the mirror. How could these carnal-minded, selfish, vain, greedy, idolatrous (etc.) people become holy and perfect, as predicted in 1.Petrus 1,15 and Matthew 5,48? This requires a lot of imagination, which, fortunately for us, has God in abundance.

We are just like those onions or seeds in the soil. They looked dead. There did not seem to be any life in them. Before we became Christians, we were dead in our sins. We had no life. And then something wonderful happened. When we started to believe in Jesus, we became new creatures. The same power that raised Christ from the dead also raised us from the dead.

The new life has been given to us, as 2.Korinther 5,17 puts it: "So if a man belongs to Christ, he is already 'new creation'. What he used to be is over; something new (new life) has begun! "(Rev.GN-1997)

In my article about our identity in Christ, I put "chosen" at the foot of the cross. "New Creation" is now running up the vertical trunk. God wants us to be part of his family; therefore he shapes us into new creatures through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Just as those bulbs no longer resemble what I planted before, so we believers no longer resemble the person we once were. We are new. We no longer think as we did before, do not behave like that anymore and do not treat others the way we used to. One more important difference: we no longer think of Christ as we used to think about Him. The Rev.GN-1997 quotes 2.Korinther 5,16 as follows: "From now on, I no longer judge anyone about [purely] human standards [earthly values], not even Christ, whom I once judged [Today I know him completely unlike earlier]. "

We were given a new perspective on Jesus. We no longer see him from an earthly, unbelieving perspective. He was not just a great teacher. He was not just a good person who lived properly. He was not quick to launch a weapon on the world ..

He is Lord and Savior, the Son of the living God. He is the one who died for us. He is the one who gave his life to give us life his life. He has made us new.

by Tammy Tkach

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