Get to know Jesus

Meet 161 JesusThere is often talk of getting to know Jesus. How to do this, however, seems a bit nebulous and difficult. This is especially because we can neither see nor speak face to face. He is real. But it is neither visible nor palpable. We can not hear his voice either, except on rare occasions. How could we then get to know him?

More recently, more than one source has focused my attention on seeking out and getting to know Jesus in the Gospels. Often, as I am sure, I read them and even attended a college class called Gospel Harmony. But for a while I was focused on other books - mainly the letters of Paul. They were wonderfully suited to lead someone out of legalism and into grace.

As a way to start the new year, our pastor suggested we read the Gospel of John. As I began to read it, I was once again impressed by the events of Jesus' life as recorded by John. Then, from the first 18 chapters, I made a list of Jesus' statements about who and what he is. The list was longer than I had imagined.

Then I ordered a book I had been reading for some time - Just Give Me Jesus by Anne Graham Lotz. It was inspired by the Gospel of John. Even though I have only read a part, I already gained some insights.

In one of the daily devotions, the author has mentioned several times that the study of the Gospels is a great way to "continually fall in love with the life of Christ" (John Fisher, The Purpose Driven Life Daily Devotional daily devotional book].

It seems someone is trying to tell me something!

When Philip asked Jesus to show them the Father (Joh 14,8), he told his disciples: "He who sees me sees the Father" (v. 9). He is the image of God who reveals and re-infuses his glory. So when we get to know Jesus in this way after 2000 or more years, we also get to know the Father, the Creator and Sustainer of life and the universe.

It transcends the mind when we remember that limited and mortal people created from the dust of the earth can have intimate, personal contact with the infinite, almighty God and get to know Him. But we can do it. With the help of the Gospels, we can listen to his conversations, watching him deal with the poor and nobles, Jews and non-Jews, as well as with sinners and self-righteous, men, women and children. We see the man Jesus - his emotions, thoughts and feelings. We see his tenderness in dealing with young children, whom he blesses and teaches. We see his indignation at the money changers and his disgust at the hypocrisy of the Pharisees.

The Gospels show us both sides of Jesus - as God and as human beings. They show it to us as baby and adult, son and brother, teacher and healer, living sacrifice and risen victor.

Do not be afraid to get to know Jesus, nor doubt if it's really possible. Just read the Gospels and fall in love again with the life of Christ.

by Tammy Tkach

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