No escape

An old TV advertising for bath powder shows a annoyed woman after a very busy day, road traffic, bills, laundry, etc. She sighs: Rip me out, Calgon! The scene turns to the same woman who is smiling and happy in the bath while her children are in the room next door.

Would not it be great if we could just brush away our troubles and flush them down the drain with the bathwater? Unfortunately our exams and problems are often stronger as our skin is thick and can not be washed off easily. They seem to stick to us.

Mother Theresa once said that her life was not based on roses. "We can only fully confirm this statement, although I have tried to do my part by planting as many rose bushes as possible in my home garden!

Doubt, disappointment and grief meet us all. They start when we are toddlers and join us until we get into the golden years. We learn to deal with the doubts, disappointments and sorrows and to live with them.

But why do some seem to be better at dealing with these inevitabilities than others? The difference, of course, is based on our belief. Terrible experiences are still terrible, but faith can sharpen the pain.

Is not it painful to lose work and face the resulting difficulties? Yes, but faith assures us that God provides for our needs (Mat. 6,25). Does not it hurt a lot to lose a loved one? Of course, but faith assures us that we will see this person again with a new body (1.Kor. 15,42).

Is every test or problem easy? No, but faith in God convinces us that Jesus will never leave us alone, no matter what difficulty we have now (Heb. 13,5). He willingly relieves us of our burdens (Mat. 11,28-30). He likes to accompany anyone who trusts him (Psalm 37,28) and protects the believer (Psalm 97,10).

Faith does not just make our problems disappear, and the pain continues. But we know him and trust him, who gave his own life for us. He has suffered more pain than we could ever imagine. He can accompany us through the pain.

Continue to take this long, hot bubble bath. Light a candle, eat chocolate and read a good thriller. If you emerge from the tub, the problems are still there, but so are Jesus. He does not tear us out, as Calgon claims, but he does not disappear through the drain. He will always be there.

by Tammy Tkach

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