At their fruits

We think about trees for the least amount of time. We pay attention to them when they are especially tall or the wind uproots them. We would probably notice if one of them is full of fruit or the fruits are on the ground. Most of us could certainly determine the nature of a fruit and thus identify the type of tree.

When Christ said that we could recognize a tree by its fruit, he used an analogy that we all can understand. Even if we have never grown fruit trees, we are familiar with their fruits - we eat these foods every day. If properly cared for with good soil, good water, sufficient fertilizer, and the right growing conditions, certain trees will bear fruit.

But he also said that you can recognize people by their fruit. He did not mean that we were carrying apples that dangled on our bodies with the right growing conditions. But we can produce spiritual fruit, which according to John 15,16 has survived.

What did he mean by that which type of fruit remains? In Luke 6, Jesus took some time with his disciples to talk to them about the rewards of certain types of behavior (see also Matthew 5). Then in verse 43 he states that a good tree can not produce bad fruit like a bad tree can not produce good fruit. In verse 45 he says that this also applies to humans: "The good man brings out the good from the good treasure of his heart, and the evil man brings out of the evil treasure of his heart the evil, for which the heart is full, of it speaks the mouth. "

Roman 7,4 tells us how it is possible to do good deeds: "So you too, my brothers, the law [on the cross with Christ] have been killed [it has no power over you] so that you may belong to another that is, the one who has been raised from the dead so that we may bring fruit to God [good deeds]. "

I do not imagine that God will fill a heavenly pantry with dried or preserved fruit. But somehow our good deeds, the kind words we say, and the "water-filled cups for the thirsty" have lasting effects on others and on us, and they will be transferred to the next life, where God will remember them, if we all will give an account of Him (Hebrews 4,13).

Lastly, the other arm of the identity cross is to produce lasting fruit. Since God has chosen individuals with us and made them new creatures under His grace, we are expressing the life of Christ on earth and bearing fruit for him. This is permanent because it is not physical - it can neither rot nor be destroyed. This fruit is the result of a God-subjugated life full of love for him and for our fellow human beings. Let us always bear abundant fruit that lasts forever!

by Tammy Tkach

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