Sin and not despair?

265 sin and not despairIt is very surprising that in a letter to his friend Philip Melanchthon, Martin Luther admonishes him: "Be a sinner and let sin be mighty, but more powerful than sin be your trust in Christ and rejoice in Christ, that he is the sin, has overcome death and the world.

At first glance, the call seems unbelievable. To understand Luther's reminder, we need to take a closer look at the context. Luther does not call sinners desirable. On the contrary, he was referring to the fact ...

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God also loves atheists

239 god also loves atheistsEvery time it comes to discussions about the question of faith, I wonder why it seems that believers feel at a disadvantage. The believers apparently assume that the atheists have somehow gained the proof, unless the faithful manage to refute it. The fact is, on the other hand, atheists are unable to prove that God does not exist. Just because believers can not convince atheists of the existence of God does not mean that atheists have gained the proof.

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The medium is the message

the medium is the messageSocial scientists use interesting words to describe the time in which we live. You probably heard the words "pre-modern", "modern" or "postmodern". In fact, some call the time we live now a postmodern world. Social scientists also suggest different techniques for effective communication for each generation, be it the Builders, the Boomers, the Busters, the X-ers, the Y-ers, Z-ers. or the "Mosaic".

But no matter what world we live in, there are real ...

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