Where was God?

where was godIt survived the fires of the Revolutionary War and saw the rise of New York as the largest city in the world - a small church called St. Paul's Chapel. It is located in the south part of Manhattan surrounded by skyscrapers. It has become known also under the name "The Little Chapel That Stood" [dt. The little church that stood up]. She got this nickname because she collapsed on the twin towers at 11. September 2001 remained undamaged, although the gap was less than 100 meters.

Right after the terrorist attack on 11. September served St. Paul's as rescue center for emergency services and as a contact point for seeking relatives. For many weeks, thousands of volunteers from various denominations came to this place, desperate to work the tragedy together. The parishioners of St. Paul's brought warm meals and helped with the cleanup. They gave comfort to those who had lost friends and family members.

In times of great anxiety and need, we may ask the question, "Where is God?" I believe that the little church can give us some indication of part of the answer. We are certain that even in the dark valley of death, God is with us. Christ himself has put himself in our place, he has become one of us, a light that enlightens our darkness. He suffered with us, his heart breaks, when our hearts break and through his mind we are comforted and healed. Even in tragic times, God is with us and works for salvation.

The little church that stood up will continue to remind us that even in times of great need, God is very close - in Him there is hope, through Christ our Lord. The church in its entirety is a testimony to this and should remind us that God does not allow anything to happen in this life that is exempt from its total salvation when the time comes. We commemorate those who live their lives on the 11. Lost September. I pray that we all become aware that our Lord has been with us and is and always will be, as with us.

by Joseph Tkach

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