Nothing to do

"How long do you want to talk like that and should the words of your mouth be just a heavy wind" (Job 8: 2)? It was one of those rare days when I had planned nothing. So I thought to fix my inbox of emails. So the number of 356 decreased, soon on 123 emails, but then the phone rang; a parishioner posed a difficult question. A good hour later, the conversation was over.

Next, I wanted to do the laundry. No sooner had the clothes in the washing machine, it rang at the front door, it was the neighbor next door. Half an hour later I was able to start the washing machine.

I thought maybe I could watch the billiard final on TV. I made myself comfortable in a chair with a hot cup of tea when the phone rang again. This time, it was a member asking for a meeting at the end of the week. He stopped telephoning just in time to watch the finals of the finals on TV and drink the cold tea.

I should do editorial work for one of our overseas publications. Today is the right time to finish writing the articles. An email buzzed into my inbox and I felt compelled to take the time to respond immediately, as in the nature of the matter.

Noon. As usual I take a sandwich and then I return to the article. Then a call comes again, a family member has problems. I stop work to see how I can help. At midnight I return and "off to bed".

Understand me right, I'm not complaining. But I realize God has never had such days, and this was an extraordinary day for me. We do not surprise God with our problems or prayers. He has all the time, for all eternity. He can accommodate us, however long we want to pray. He does not have to spend any time on his plan so he can take care of the daily work or the food. He can give full attention to us and listen to his son, the high priest, who brings our concerns before him. That's how important we are to him.

Yet sometimes we have no time for God, especially on a busy day. At other times, we often mean having to give a place of honor in our lives for urgent tasks. Then God may just come in, if we have a minute or so less important to do. Or if we have difficulties. Oh, then we have a lot of time for God when we are in trouble!

Sometimes I think that we Christians show more contempt for God than those atheists who do not claim to honor and follow Him!


Merciful Father, you are gracious to us in all circumstances and at all times. Please help us to be grateful and receptive at all times. This is what we pray in Jesus name, Amen

by John Stettaford

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