Have you ever prayed for success?

If not, why not? If we do not ask God for success, would that be a failure, a failure? It depends on how we look at success. I find the following definition very good: "To fulfill God's purpose for my life in faith, love, and the power of the Holy Ghost, and to expect the result of God." For such a precious purpose in life, we should be able to pray with confidence.

"Oh, remember the promises you made to your servant Moses with the words: If you act faithless, I will scatter you amongst the peoples." Nehemiah 1: 8 (lot of translation)

If you can not ask God for success for what you do, you will find four points in Nehemiah's life for effective prayer:

  • Establish our requests for the character of God. Prayer in the knowledge that God will answer, "I expect answers to this prayer because you are a faithful God, a great God, a loving God, a wonderful God who can solve this problem!"
  • Confess the conscious sins (failures, debts, errors). After Nehemiah founded his prayer on what God is, he confessed his sins. He said, "I confess the sins, .... I and my father's house have sinned, .... reprehensibly we have acted against you, ... have not obeyed." It was not Nehemiah's mistake that Israel was imprisoned fell. He was not even born when that happened. But he included himself in the sins of the nation, he was also part of the problem.
  • Claiming God's promises. Nehemiah prays to the Lord, "Oh, remember the promises you made to your servant Moses." Can one invoke God to "remember"? Nehemiah reminds God of a promise he has made to the nation of Israel. In the figurative sense, he says, "God, you warned us through Moses that if we become unfaithful we would lose the land of Israel. But you also promised that if we repented, you would return the land to us. "Does God have to be remembered? No. Does he forget his promises? No. Why do we do it anyway? It helps us so that we do not forget them.
  • Be very specific in what we ask. If we expect a certain answer then we should definitely ask for it. If our requests are general, how can we know if they have been answered? Nehemiah does not hold back, he asks for success. He is very confident in his prayer.


Faithful God of promises, forgive us our guilt and listen to our prayer. Make us successful so that we praise you through our lives. Amen

by Fraser Murdoch
Preacher of the WKG in Scotland

pdfHave you ever prayed for success?