Local aliens

053 locals extraterrestrialsBy believing in Christ, we are risen with Him and are taken to heaven in Christ Jesus "(Eph. 2,6 HFA).

One day I went to a cafe and was completely lost in my thoughts. Without greeting, I passed a regular guest. One called, "Hello, where are you?" Back in reality, I responded, "Oh, hello! Sorry, I'm in another world, I feel like half alien ". We laughed. I recognized by drinking coffee, in these words there is a lot of truth for us Christians. We are not of this world.

Jesus speaks of this in the High Priestly Prayer, which we read in John 17,16: "They are as little part of the world as I am." In verse 20, Jesus prays for us: "But I ask not only for them, but for all who speak by their words of to hear me and believe in me ".

Jesus does not see us as part of this world, and Paul explains, "We, on the other hand, are citizens of heaven, and from heaven we also expect our Savior - Jesus Christ the Lord" (Phil 3,20 GNÜ).

This is the position of the faithful. We are not only terrestrial inhabitants of this world, but also heavenly inhabitants, extraterrestrials!

As I kept thinking about it, I realized we were no longer Adam's children, but God's children born of spirit. Peter wrote in his first letter: "You have been born again. And you do not owe that to your parents, who gave you the earthly life; No, God Himself has given you new, everlasting life through his living and eternal Word "(1, Petr 1, 23 HFA).

Jesus informed the Pharisee Nicodemus during their nightly meeting: "What has been born of the flesh is flesh; that which was born of the Spirit is Spirit "(Joh 3, 6 LUT).

Of course, this should not lead us to arrogance. Everything that you receive from God should continue to flow in a serving attitude to your fellow human beings. He gives you comfort to comfort other people. He gives you mercy so that you may be merciful to others. He forgives you for forgiving others. He has freed you from the realm of darkness in this world to accompany others to freedom. A warm greeting to all the local extraterrestrials out there.

by Cliff Neill

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