190 replanted"They are like a tree, newly planted by streams of water that brings its fruit in its time and whose foliage does not wither" (Psalm 1: 3),

Gardeners sometimes bring a plant to a better location. If it is in a container, it can simply be moved to get more sunlight or shade whatever the plant needs. Maybe the plant is completely dug up with the root and transplanted to where it can grow better.

Most translations of Psalm 1: 3 use the word "planted". However, in the Common English Bible, the word "newly planted" is used. The idea is that those who enjoy God's instruction behave as a group or individually as a tree that has been replanted. The English translation "The Message" describes it as: "They are a newly planted tree in Eden, bringing fresh fruit every month, whose foliage never withers and which always blooms".

In the Hebrew original text is the verb "shatal", which means "insert", "transplanted" means. In other words, the tree is moved to a new place from where it was before, so it will flower fresh again and bring more fruit. It comes to mind what Christ says in John 15: 16: "You have not chosen me, but I have chosen you and appointed you to go and bring forth fruit and keep your fruit".

The parallel is remarkable. Jesus chose us for fertility. In order for us to grow, we had to be moved in the spirit. Paul takes up this concept by explaining that believers produce fruit because they live and walk in the spirit in which they are founded. "As you have received the Christ Jesus, the Lord, walk in him, rooted and built up in him, and steadfast in faith, as you have been taught, being abundant in thanksgiving" (Colossians 2: 7).


Thank you, Father, for moving us from the old starting point to a new life, firmly established in Jesus and safe in Him, in His Name we pray. Amen.

by James Henderson