Take your sword!

... The sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God (Ephesians 6: 17).

At the time of the apostle Paul, the Roman soldiers had at least two different types of swords. One was called Rhomphaia. It was 180 to 240 cm long and was used to chop off the limbs and heads of the enemy soldiers. Because of its size and weight, you had to hold the sword with two hands. This made it impossible for the soldier to use a shield at the same time, leaving him unprotected against arrows and spears.

The other sword was called Machaira. This was a short sword. It was light and enabled the soldier to handle it easily and quickly. It took only one hand, which allowed the soldier to wear a shield. It is this second type of sword that Paul mentions here in Ephesians.

The sword of the Spirit, the Word of God, is the only offensive spiritual weapon of the armor of God, all others are defensively used. Although she can also defend us against a blow from the enemy when the blade is turned to the side. But this is the only type of weapon that actually keeps and overcomes our enemy, who is ultimately Satan.

The question is, how can we practice this sword in our lives? Here are some important principles about the Word of God that we can actively use:

  • To actively listen to the sermon on the Word of God. - Come to the congregational meeting regularly to hear how the Word of God is explained.
  • Read the Word of God - take time to read the Bible to understand the whole message.
  • Study the Word of God - go deeper than just read the Scripture. Begin to find out the meaning for the original recipient and compare that to how you can apply the Word of God today.
  • Meditate on the Word of God - think about what you read, chew it, and reflect on what you have read. In other words, let your soul and your heart penetrate the Word of God.
  • Recall the word of God. The more we keep the word of God in our hearts, the more unlikely it will be for us to break the right path. When faced with situations and trying to give in to the flesh and the world around us, we should prepare ourselves for the spiritual struggle. The Word of God should work within you and be ready to direct your thoughts purposefully.
  • Cite the word of God - be ready and able to give an answer whenever and wherever necessary.

All these activities in connection with the Word of God are not simply knowledge for the sake of knowledge. It's more about gaining wisdom, understanding how the Bible is used in practice, so that we can use this weapon skillfully and appropriately. We should be guided by the sword of the Spirit, also be familiar with the handling of this weapon, and constantly seek God's guidance. Let us ask for wisdom where we lack wisdom. We do not want to neglect the word of God, otherwise our sword will dull against our enemy. If we use the weapon, the sword that the Lord has given us, properly, we can win in that spiritual battle.


Father, you have given us your word as an inexhaustible source. May our life be fulfilled with it. Help us to keep repeating your Word. Enable us to use your word effectively and wisely in the spiritual battles we face. In Jesus name, Amen.

by Barry Robinson

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