The descendants of Abraham

296 the descendants of AbrahamThe church is his body, and he lives in it with all his fullness. He who fills everything and everyone with his presence (Ephesians 1: 23).

Also in the last year, we have remembered those who paid the highest sacrifice in the war to ensure our survival as a nation. Remembering is good. In fact, it seems to be one of God's favorite words because it uses it more often. He constantly reminds us to be aware of our root and our future. It's about remembering who he is and how much he cares about us; he wants us to know who we are and there is no reason to feel insecure, ineffective or powerless; for we have the power of the universe that dwells in us as the body of Christ; see above scripture. This amazing gift of power dwells not only in us, but flows out to strengthen others. "Joh. 7: 37 "If anyone believes in me, there will be streams of living water in their hearts."

But unfortunately, as humans too often we forget that. In the TV show "Who do you mean who you are?" The participants have the opportunity to get acquainted with their ancestors, get to know them, their lifestyle and very important to even see photos of them. I myself have photos of my wife, mother, grandmother and great grandmother but these photos reveal to my son his mother, grandmother, great-grandmother and great-great-grandmother! And of course it means for his son to catch a glimpse of his grandmother, great-grandmother, great-great-grandmother and great-great-great-grandmother! This reminds me of a section of Scripture that I had forgotten for a long time.

Isaiah 51: 1-2 "Listen to me, who chase after the righteousness you seek the Lord! Look at the rock from which you hewn, and at the well shaft from which you dug! Look to Abraham, your father, and Sara, who gave birth to you! For I called him as an individual, and I blessed him and multiplied him.

Let's go one step further, Paul informs us in Galatians 3: 27 - 29 "For all of you who have been baptized in Christ, you have put on Christ. Gone is the distinction between Jew and Greek, slave and suitor, man and woman - you are all one in Christ Jesus. And if you belong to Christ, then you are true descendants of Abraham, you are true heirs of his promise. "When we go back in the text and read the verses 6 - 7, we are told," He believed God and it is for him righteousness been calculated. Realize, therefore, that those who are of faith are Abraham's children. "We are assured here that all who believe in God are the true descendants of Abraham. Here Paul points back to Father Abraham, to the rock we were hewn from, and so we learn a special lesson of faith and trust from him!


Father, thanks for Father Abraham and his special example for us. Amen

by Cliff Neill

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