The difficult way

050 the difficult way"Because he himself said:" I certainly do not want to pull my hand off you and certainly not leave you "(Hebrews 13, 5 Zurich translation).

What do we do if we can not survey our path? It is probably not possible to go through life without having the worries and problems that life brings. These are sometimes hard to bear. Life, it seems, is at times unfair. Why is that? We would like to know that. We are plagued by the unpredictable and we wonder what that means. Although this is nothing new, the history of mankind is full of complaints, but to fathom all this is not possible at the moment. But if we lack knowledge, God will give us something we call faith. We have faith where we lack the overview and the full understanding. If God gives us credence, then we move forward with confidence, even though we can not see, understand, or guess how to proceed.

When we encounter difficulties God gives us faith that we do not have to carry the burden alone. If God, who can not lie, promises something, then it is as if it were already reality. What does God tell us about difficult times? Paul tells us in 1. Corinthians 10, 13 "It has not tempted you yet than human; But God is faithful, who will not let you be tempted over your fortune, but with the temptation will also make the exit so that you can endure it. "

This is supported and further explained by 5. Moses 31, 6 and 8: "Be firm and steady, do not be afraid and do not be horrified by them! For the Lord your God is drawing with you; he will not take his hand off you and will not leave you. The Lord, however, he goes before you; he will be with you and will not shake off your hand and leave you; do not be afraid and be undaunted. "

It does not matter what we go through or where we have to go, we never do it alone. The fact is, God is already waiting for us! He has gone ahead of us to prepare for us a way out.

If we accept the faith that God offers us, we trustfully surrender to all that life gives us to master.


Heavenly Father, we thank you for the gift of faith. You give us the assurance that you are always with us to comfort, strengthen, and help us as we face the temptations and concerns of life. Amen

by David Stirk, Northern Ireland

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