The hunger deep inside us

361 the hunger deep inside us"Everyone looks at you expectantly, and you give them food at the right time. You open your hand and saturate your creatures ... "(Psalm 145, 15-16 HFA).

Sometimes I feel a crying hunger somewhere deep inside me. In my thoughts, I try to disrespect him and suppress him for a while. But all of a sudden he comes back to light.

I'm talking about the desire, the desire in us to better understand the depth, the cry for fulfillment that we desperately try to fill with other things. I know that I want more from God. For some reason, however, that scream scares me away, as if he would demand more from me than I am able to give. It is a fear if I let her arise, which would show of me the terrible sides. It would show my vulnerability, would reveal my need for dependence on something or someone bigger. David was hungry for God, which could not be expressed in mere words. He wrote Psalm for Psalm and still could not explain what he was trying to say.

I mean, we all experience that feeling from time to time. Acts 17,27 says, "He did all that because he wanted people to seek him out. They should be able to feel and find him. And indeed, he is so close to each of us! "It is God who has created us with the desire for him. When he pulls us, we feel the hunger. Often we take a short time of silence or make a prayer, but we do not really take the time to look for it. We strive for a few minutes to hear his voice and then we give up. We are too busy to stay longer, alas we could only see how close we got to him. Did we really expect to hear something? If so, would not we listen as if our life depended on it?

This hunger is such that it wants to be satisfied by our Creator. The only way he can be breastfed is to spend time with God. If the hunger is strong, then we need more time with him. We all lead a busy life, but what is most important to us? Are we willing to get to know him better? How willing are you? What if he demanded more than an hour in the morning? What if he demanded two hours and even the lunch break? What if he asked me to go overseas and live with people who had never heard the gospel before?

Are we willing to give our thoughts, our time and our lives to Christ? No doubt it will be worth it. The reward will be great, and many people may get to know it because you do it.


Father, give me the stamina to search with all my heart. You promised to meet us when we approach you. I want to get closer to you today. Amen

by Fraser Murdoch

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