03 lit wkg trinitarian Christ-centered theology

Trinitarian Christ-centered theology

The mission of the World Church of God (WCC) is to work with Jesus to live and preach the gospel. Our understanding of Jesus and His Good News of Grace has been throughout the last decade of the 20. Changed fundamentally by a reformation of our teachings.

03 lit wkg 35 principles of faith broschuere

35 beliefs of the WKG

A collection of articles on doctrines,
mentioned in the beliefs of the Worldwide Church of God

03 lit wkg rich god g deddo

The Kingdom of God - by Dr. med. Gary Deddo

At all times, the kingdom of God has been at the center of much of the Christian teaching, and rightly so. This is especially true in 20. Century a dispute arose. Consensus is difficult to achieve due to the breadth and complexity of the biblical material and the many theological topics that overlap with it. There are also big differences in the spiritual attitude that guides scholars and pastors and leads them to the most varied conclusions.

03 lit role of the woman in the church

The role of women in the church (WKG)

May women serve as etches?
Does the Bible require different roles for men and women?
What is the role of women and men in the Old Testament?
How did Jesus treat the women?
What was the role of women in the apostolic church?
What does the Apostle Paul say about the hair length and headgear of the woman?
Women are silent in the community!
Questions about 1. Timothy 2,11-15?

03 lit wkg the spirit world

The spirit world

Source of enlightenment or hidden danger?
Gives answers to important questions and shows what the Bible says about the spirit world.

Is there a spirit world?
Is there a devil?
Should we ask the stars?
Communication with the dead
Satan cults

03 lit wkg the good news for all

Good news for everyone

The Gospel of the Kingdom of God
What did the apostles teach?
Paul preached the good news
03 lit wkg the fight for the hoelle

The fight for hell

Hell is giving rise to one of the hottest debates in the world today
within the Christian community.

03 lit wkg god is

God is. , ,

If you could ask God a question
In search of the Eternal
How God reveals himself
"No god but me"
God revealed in Christ
One in three and three in one
The relationship of humanity to God

03 lit wkg christ is risen

Christ is risen

Jesus Christ, the crucified
Our place at the table of the Lord
The crucifixion from a historical perspective
Jesus' last sermon
The Resurrection of Jesus Christ - Our Hope for Redemption
The empty tomb - reasons for the faith
He lives!

03 lit wkg believe in daily life

Faith in daily life

The big role models
Faith and inspection
Should God be something impossible?

03 lit wkg what is it

What is salvation?

The need for salvation
Sentenced to death
Jesus reconciles us with God
Become a child of God
The gift of eternal life

03 lit wkg the gospel

The gospel

We need the gospel - the good news.
Christ's gospel brings peace of mind,
Luck and a personal victory.
A call to live the future here and now

03 lit wkg find peace in christ

Find peace in Christ

Love each other
Dealing with new ideas
The law and the promise
Enter God's peace
The object of worship
New wine in new tubes

03 lit wkg relationships

The relationship with God

The relationship with God

The relationship with the family

The relationship with friends
The relationship to the opposite sex

03 lit wkg revelation

The Revelation: A Victory Vision

Prophecy, apocalypse - distinguish, understand
Worthy is the lamb
The key of David
Keep the meaning of the prophecies