If I were God

To be perfectly honest, sometimes I find it hard to understand God. He just does not always make the decisions I would make if I were in his place. For example, if I were God, I would not let it rain over the fields of mean and hateful peasants. Only good and honest peasants would receive rain from me, but the Bible says that God drops his rain over the righteous and the unjust (Mt 5,45).

If I were God, only the bad people would die early and the good ones would lead a long happy life. But the Bible says that sometimes God causes the righteous to perish because they are to escape evil (Isaiah 57, 1). If I were God, then I would always let every person know exactly what awaits him in the future. There would be no question about what I thought of something. Everything would be carefully planned and easily understood. But the Bible says God only lets us look through a dim mirror (1, Kor 13, 12). If I were God, then there would be no suffering in this world. But God says that this world does not belong to him, but to the Devil, and therefore he does not always intervene and let things happen that we can not understand (2, Kor 4, 4).

If I were God, then Christians would not be persecuted, after all, they are just trying to follow God and do what He tells them to do. But the Bible says that every person who follows God will be persecuted (2, Tim 3, 12).

If I were God, the challenges of life would be the same for everyone. But the Bible says that each of us is struggling with different things and that our struggles are to be beat by us and no one else. (Heb 12, 1)

I am not God - fortunately for this world. God has a definite advantage over me: He is omniscient and I am not. Judging by the choices God makes for my life or another person's life is pure stupidity, because only God knows when to receive rain and when not. Only he knows when to live or die. Only he knows when it is good for us to understand things and happenings and when not. Only he knows which fights and challenges bring about the best results in our lives and which do not. Only he knows how he works on us, so that he is glorified.

So it's not about us, it's just about him, so let's keep our eyes on Jesus (Heb 12, 2). It is not always easy to follow this request, but it is still a better alternative than to believe that I would do it better than God.

by Barbara Dahlgren

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