The Mines of King Solomon (part 21)

382 mines koenig salomos part 21"I'll park my car with you," Tom told the shopkeeper. "If I'm not back in eight weeks, I probably will not live anymore." The shopkeeper looked at him as if he had a madman in front of him. "Eight weeks? You will not survive that for two weeks! "Tom Brown jun. is a passionate adventurer. His goal was to find out if he could endure so long in the desert of Death Valley - the deepest and driest area in North America, and even the hottest in the world. He later wrote that the circumstances in the desert demanded more from him than he had ever experienced before. He had never been so thirsty in his life. His main source of drinking water was Tau. Every night he set up a device to catch the dew, so in the morning he had collected enough fresh water to drink. Tom soon lost his calendar orientation and after nine weeks decided it was time to return home. He reached his goal, but admits he would not have survived without the presence of Tau.

How often do you think about dew? If they like me, not too often - unless you have to wipe the dew off the windscreen in the morning! But dew is more than the rainfall on our car windows (or something that causes chaos on the cricket field)! He is a life-giver. He refreshes, quenches the thirst and revives. He turns fields into works of art.

During the summer holidays I spent many days with my family on a farm. Often we got up early and my father and I went hunting. I have never forgotten the freshness of the morning when the first rays of sunlight brought the dewdrops on the trees, grasses and plants like diamonds to glitter and sparkle. Spider web threads looked like jewel necklaces and the withered flowers of the previous day seemed to dance with new energy in the morning light.

Refreshing and refreshing

I did not care about dew until I was recently made to think through the words of Proverbs 19,12. "The disgrace of the king is like the roar of a lion; but his grace is like dew on the grass. "

What was my first reaction? "This saying does not affect me. I'm not a king and I do not live under a king. "After thinking something, something else came to my mind. It is not hard to see how one can compare the disgrace or annoyance of a king to the roar of a lion. Attracting people's anger (especially authority figures) can be frightening, not unlike meeting an angry lion. But how about grace like dew on the grass? In the writings of the prophet Micah, we read of certain people who had proved themselves faithful to God. They will be like dew of the Lord, like rain on the grass "(Mi 5,6).

Their influence among the people around them has been refreshing and refreshing, as has the effect of dew and rain on the vegetation. Likewise, you and I are God's dew in the lives of those with whom we are in contact. Just as a plant absorbs life-giving dew through its leaves - and makes it flowering - we are God's method of bringing divine life into the world (1, Joh 4,17). God is the source of dew (Hos 14,6) and he has chosen you and me as a distributor.

How can we be God's dew in other people's lives? An alternate translation of Proverbs 19,12 continues: "An angry king is as frightening as a roaring lion, but his kindness is like the dew on the grass" (NCV). Kind words can be like dewdrops clinging to people and giving life (5, Mo 32,2). Sometimes it just takes a little helping hand, a smile, a hug, a touch, a thumbs-up, or an obvious nod to refresh and invigorate someone. We can also pray for others and share with them the hope that we have for them. We are God's tools of his presence in the profession, in our families, in our communities - and in the game. My friend Jack, has recently told me the following story:

"It's been about three years since I joined our local bowling club. Most players come at 13 clock and the game starts about 40 minutes later. During this transitional period, players sit together and talk, but during the first few years, I decided to stay in my car and do some Bible study. As soon as the players took their balls, I wanted to come in and go to the bowling green. A few months ago, I decided to do something for the club instead of studying. I was looking for a field of activity and found a job in the bar area. Dozens of glasses had to be taken out of the sink and put in the way; Water, ice cream, cold drinks and beer are provided in the club room. It took well over half an hour, but the job really made me happy. Bowling greens are places where you can make or end a friendship. To my regret, a gentleman and I collided with each other's heads, and so we went astray afterwards. Anyway, you can imagine how much I was surprised and, above all, very happy when he came up to me and said: 'Being here makes a big difference to the club!' "

Just ordinary people

It can be so simple and yet so important. Like the morning dew on our lawn. We can quietly and friendly make a difference in the lives of those we have contact with. Never underestimate the effect that you make. On the day of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit filled 120 believers. These were just ordinary people like you and me and yet it was the same people who later turned the world upside down. Less than two hundred dew drops moistened the whole world.

There is another perspective of this saying. When in an authority position, consider what your words and deeds do to your subordinates. An employer should be kind, friendly and fair (Spr 20,28). A husband should never treat his wife roughly (Kol 3,19) and parents should avoid discouraging their children by being overcritical or bossy (Kol 3,21). Instead, be like dew - thirst quenching and refreshing. Let the beauty of God's love be reflected in your lifestyle.

A thought at the end. Tau fulfills its purpose - refreshes, beautifies and donates life. But a dewdrop does not sweat trying to become one! You are God's Dew by simply being in Jesus Christ. This is not about projects and strategies. It's spontaneous, it's natural. The Holy Spirit creates the life of Jesus in our lives. Pray for his life to flow through you. Just be yourself - a small drop of dew.

by Gordon Green

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