Come, Lord Jesus

449 come, Lord JesusLife in this world fills us with great concern. There are problems everywhere, be it with drugs, the immigration of alien people or political conflicts. Add to this poverty, incurable diseases and global warming. There is child pornography, trafficking and arbitrary violence. The spread of nuclear weapons, wars and terrorist attacks are a source of concern. There does not seem to be a solution to this, unless Jesus comes back and that very soon. No wonder then that Christians long for Jesus' second coming and pray: "Come, Jesus, come!"

Christians trust in Jesus' promised return and await the fulfillment of this prophecy. The interpretation of biblical prophecies turns out to be quite complicated because they have been fulfilled in a way that is not expected. Even the prophets did not know what to do. For example, they had no idea of ​​how the Messiah would come into the world as a baby and be both human and God (1, Petr 1,10-12). How could Jesus, as our Lord and Savior, suffer and die for our sins and still be God? Only when it really happened could it have been understood. Even then, the educated priests, scribes and Pharisees did not understand it. Instead of accepting Jesus with open arms, they seek to kill him.

It may be fascinating to speculate on how the prophecies will be fulfilled in the future. But fixing our salvation to these interpretations is neither wise nor wise, especially not with regard to the end times. Year after year self-proclaimed prophets predict a certain date for the second coming of Christ, but so far they have all been wrong. Why is that? Because the Bible has always told us that we can not know time, hour, or day for these things (Apg 1,7; Mt 24,36; Mk. 13,32). Among Christians, one hears: "The situation in the world is getting worse! Surely we live now in the last days ". These thoughts have been with Christians for centuries. They all had the feeling of living in the last few days - and strangely, they were right. "The Last Days" began with the birth of Jesus. That is why Christians have been living in the end times since Jesus' first coming. When Paul told Timothy that "bad times are coming in the last few days" (2, Tim 3,1), he did not speak of a particular time or day in the future. Paul added that in the last few days, people would be holding back and be greedy, brutal, blasphemous, ungrateful, unforgiving, and so on. Then he warned, "Avoid such people" (2, Tim 3,2-5). Obviously, such people must have existed even then. Why else would Paul tell the church to stay away from them? In Matthew 24,6-7 we are told that nations will rise up against each other and that there will be many wars. This is nothing new. When have there ever been times without war in the world? Times have always been bad and things are getting worse, not better. We wonder how bad it will be before Christ returns. I dont know.

Paul wrote: "With bad people and cheaters, the longer it gets, the worse" (2, Tim 3,13). As bad as it gets, Paul continues, "But you stay with what you have learned and what is entrusted to you" (2, Tim 3,14).

In other words, no matter how bad it is, we should continue to hold on to faith in Christ. We should do what we have learned and learned from the Holy Scripture through the Holy Spirit. In the midst of biblical prophecy, God always tells people not to be afraid. "Do not be afraid!" (Dan 10,12.19). Bad things will happen, but God rules over everything. Jesus said, "I have spoken to you so that you may have peace in me. In the world you are afraid; but rest assured, I have overcome the world "(Joh 16,33).

There are two ways to look at the words, "Come, Jesus, come." One expresses the longing for the return of Christ. The second, our petition, in the book of Revelation, "Amen, yes, come, Lord Jesus!" (Rev. 22,20).

"I entrust my heart to you and take up residence in me. Help me to recognize you better. Give me your peace in this chaotic world ".

Let's take more time to live in a personal relationship with Christ! Then we need not worry about the end of the world.

by Barbara Dahlgren

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