We are part of the body of Christ and we have a mission to preach the gospel, the good news of Jesus Christ. What's the good news? God has reconciled the world to himself through Jesus Christ and offers all people forgiveness of sins and eternal life. The death and resurrection of Jesus motivate us to live for him, to entrust our lives to him and to follow him. We are happy to help you live as disciples of Jesus, learn from Jesus, follow his example and grow in the grace and knowledge of Christ. With the articles we want to pass on understanding, orientation and life support in a restless world shaped by false values.

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When will Jesus come again?

Do you wish that Jesus would return soon? Hope for the end of the misery and wickedness that we see around us and that God will usher in a time as Isaiah prophesied: «There will be no wickedness or harm in all my holy mountain; for the land is full of the knowledge of the Lord as water covers the sea? " (Isa 11,9). The writers of the New Testament lived...

The invitation to life

Isaiah invites people four times to come to God. «Well, everyone who is thirsty, come to the water! And if you have no money, come here, buy and eat! Come here and buy wine and milk without money and for free! " (Isa 55,1). These invitations apply not only to the people of Israel, but to the people of all nations: "Behold, you will call peoples whom you do not know, and...

Be a giant of faith

Do you want to be a person who has faith? Do you want a faith that can move mountains? Would you like to share in a faith that can bring the dead back to life, a faith like David's that could kill a giant? There may be many giants in your life that you wish to destroy. This is the case with most Christians, including me....

Jesus came for all people

It often helps to look closely at scriptures. Jesus made an impressive demonstrative and all-encompassing statement during a conversation with Nicodemus, a leading scholar and ruler of the Jews. "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that all who believe in him should not perish, but have eternal life" (Jn 3,16). Jesus…

In the image of God

Shakespeare once wrote in his play "As You Like It": The whole world is a stage and we humans are only mere players on it! The longer I think about this and the words of God in the Bible, the more clearly I see that there is something to this statement. We all seem to live our lives according to a script written in our heads...

It smells like life

What perfume do you use when attending a special occasion? Perfumes have promising names. One is called "Truth" (truth), another "Love You" (Love You). There is also the brand "Obsession" (passion) or "La vie est Belle" (Life is beautiful). A special scent is attractive and underlines certain character traits. There are sweet and mild…