Background of the WKG

147 about usThe Worldwide Church of God WKG, English "Worldwide Church of God" (known since 3, April 2009 in various areas of the world under the name of "Grace Communion International"), became 1934 in the US as "Radio Church of God" by Herbert W. Armstrong (1892-1986) was founded. A former advertising expert and ordained pastor of the Seventh-day Church, Armstrong was a pioneer in the proclamation of the gospel via radio and from 1968 on television stations "The World Tomorrow". "The Plain Truth" magazines, also 1934 founded by Armstrong, were also released in German from 1961. First as "The Pure Truth" and from 1973 as "Clear & True". 1968 was the first community in German-speaking Switzerland to be founded in Zurich, a short time later in Basel. In January, 1986 appointed Armstrong Joseph W. Tkach deputy general pastor. After the death of Armstrong (1986), Tkach senior made slow changes until the famous Christmas sermon 1994, in which Tkach declared that the church was now no longer under the old, but under the New Covenant. The resulting dramatic changes, which since 1998 also led to a restructuring of the entire church and to a critical revision of all previous textbooks, transformed the previous fundamentalist-minded end-time community into a "normal" Protestant free church.

Jesus Christ changes lives. He can also change an organization. This is the story of how God transformed the World Church of God (WCC) from a strongly Old Testament-oriented church into an evangelical church. Today the son of Tkach sen. Joseph W. Tkach, Jr. General pastor of the church of about 42.000 members in about 90 countries of the earth. In Switzerland, the Worldwide Church of God since 2003 is part of the SEA Swiss Evangelical Alliance.

The story includes both pain and joy. Thousands of members left the church. But thousands are filled with joy and renewed zeal for their Savior and Savior Jesus Christ. We now embrace and champion the central theme of the New Covenant, Jesus: The Life, Death, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Jesus' saving work for humanity is the center of our lives.

Our new understanding of God can be summarized as follows:

  • The three gods created all men. Through the divine and human nature of Jesus Christ, all human beings can enjoy the love relationship of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  • Jesus, the Son of God, became man. He came to earth to reconcile all humanity, through his birth, life, death, resurrection and ascension, with God.
  • The crucified, risen and glorified Jesus is the representative of humankind at the right hand of God and draws all people to Himself through the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • In Christ, humanity is loved and accepted by the Father.
  • Jesus Christ paid, with his sacrifice on the cross, once and for all for our sins. He has settled all the blame. In Christ, the Father has forgiven us all sins and desperately wants us to turn to Him and accept His mercy.
  • We can only enjoy his love if we believe that he loves us. We can only enjoy His forgiveness if we believe He has forgiven us.
  • Guided by the Holy Spirit, we turn to God. We believe the good news, take up our cross and follow Jesus. The Holy Spirit leads us into the transformed life of the Kingdom of God.

We believe that through this comprehensive renewal of our faith, we can perform a precious service of love to lead people to Jesus and accompany them along this path.

Whether you are looking for answers to your questions about Jesus Christ and how he can make a difference in your life or whether you are looking for a Christian church that you can call your spiritual home, we would be delighted to meet and join you To pray you.