The best of all gifts

565 the best of all giftsIt was the most elaborate wedding of the year and the millionaire father of the bride did not mind, so that the wedding of his first-born daughter would be an unforgettable event. The most important people of the city were on the guest list and the gift list was sent along with the invitations to all guests. On the big day, the guests came by the hundreds and delivered their gifts. The bridegroom, however, was neither rich nor from a wealthy family. Notwithstanding that the father was very rich, the guests brought very exclusive gifts, which served mainly to impress the father of the bride.

As the couple moved into their small apartment, they began unwrapping the presents to find out which guest they were giving them. Although they had little room in their home to accommodate all the presents, there was a gift that the bride wanted to unpack - her father's gift. After she had unpacked all the big boxes, she realized that none of the gorgeous gifts was from her father. Among the smaller packages was a gift wrapped in brown paper and when she opened it, she realized there was a small leather-bound Bible in it. On the inside was: "To our beloved daughter and our son-in-law to the wedding of mom and dad". Below were two bible passages: Mt 6,31-33 and Mt 7, 9-11.

The bride was very disappointed. How could her parents just give her a Bible? This disappointment remained for the next few years and continued after the death of her father. A few years later, on the day of his death, she saw the Bible her parents had given her for the wedding and took her from the bookshelf where she had been since. She opened the first page and read: "To our beloved daughter and our son-in-law to the wedding. From mom and dad ». She decided to read this scripture in Matthew 6 and when she opened her Bible, she found a check with her name and a value of a million francs. Afterwards she read the scripture passage: «You should not worry about that and say: What will we eat? What will we drink? What will we dress with? After all, the Gentiles seek. Because your heavenly Father knows that you need all this. Seek first for the kingdom of God and for his righteousness, and all this will come to you »(Mt 6, 31-33). Then she turned the page and read the following verse: "Who among you is a man offering a stone to his son when he asks him for bread? Or, if he asks him to provide a fish, a snake? If now you who are evil nevertheless can give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Heavenly Father give good things to those who ask him "(Mt 7,9-11). She began to cry bitterly. How could she have misunderstood her father? He loved her so much, but she just did not recognize it - what a tragedy!

A much too nice gift

In a few weeks the world will celebrate Christmas again. Many wonder what gift they should buy for which family member. Many also wonder what gifts they will receive this year. Unfortunately, only a few know the Christmas present, which they have long since received. The reason they do not want to know about this gift is that it was a diaper-wrapped kid in a crib. Just as the wedding couple considered the brown paper and their bible worthless, so too many people ignore the gift that God has given us through Jesus Christ. The Bible sums it up as follows: "We thank God for his Son - a gift that is so wonderful that it can not be put into words!" (2, Kor 9,15 NLB).

Even if your parents give you beautiful gifts for this Christmas, you have also given them the sin. Yes, you will die! But before blaming your parents for it, realize that their parents received the sin from their own parents, who in turn received it from their ancestors, and ultimately from Adam, the forefather of humanity.

But there is good news - it's even great news! This message was delivered to shepherds 2000 years ago by an angel: "I bring a good message to all people! The Savior - yes, Christ the Lord - was born tonight in Bethlehem, the city of David »(Lk 2,11-12 NLB). The Gospel of Matthew also tells of a dream Joseph had: "She, Mary, will give birth to a son. You shall give him the name of Jesus, for he will deliver his people from all sins »(Mt 1,21).

You should not set aside the most valuable of all gifts. In Christ, life and his birth is a forerunner of his second coming. When he comes again, "He will wipe away all her tears, and there will be no death, no grief, no crying, no pain. For the first world with all its calamity has gone forever »(Offb 21,4)

Wise this Christmas, like the wise men of the Orient, and open your Bible and discover the all-changing message of the gift that God gives you. Accept this gift, Jesus, for Christmas! You can also pass this magazine as a Christmas present and it may become the most important of all the gifts you have ever given away. The recipient can thus get to know Jesus Christ, because in this packaging is the greatest treasure!

by Takalani Musekwa