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As I packed my clothes for a trip, I discovered that my favorite sweater had disappeared and was not hanging in my closet as usual. I searched everywhere but could not find it. I probably had to leave him on another trip to a hotel. So I packed the matching top and found something else that I can wear well.

I do not like losing things. It's frustrating and nerve-wracking, especially when it's of value. Losing something is nerve wracking, as well as forgetting where to put things, such as keys or important papers. Being robbed is even worse. Such situations make one feel helpless and unable to control one's own life. Mostly, we can do nothing more than accept the loss and go further.

Loss is a part of life without which we would rather get along, but we all experience it. Handling and accepting loss is a lesson we must learn early and often. But even in old age and with life experience and the knowledge that things are easy to replace, it is still frustrating to lose them. Some losses, such as losing a pullover or key, are easier to accept than greater losses, such as the loss of a physical ability or a loved one. Ultimately, there is the loss of our own lives. How do we keep the right perspective? Jesus warned us against putting our hearts and our hopes on transient treasures, treasures that can be lost, stolen or burnt. Our lives do not consist of what we own. Our value is not measured by the size of our bank account and our zest for life is not achieved by the accumulation of goods. The more painful losses are not so easy to explain or ignore. Aging bodies, fleeing abilities and senses, the death of friends and family - how do we deal with it?

Our lives are transient and have an end. We are like flowers that bloom in the morning and wither in the evening. While this is not encouraging, the words of Jesus are: I am the resurrection and the life. Through his life we ​​can all be restored, renewed and redeemed. In the words of an old gospel song it says: Because Jesus lives, I also live tomorrow.

Because he lives, the losses of today disappear. Every tear, every scream, every nightmare, every fear and every heartbreak will be wiped away and replaced with joy of life and a love for the Father.

Our hope is in Jesus - in his cleansing blood, resurrected life and all-embracing love. He lost his life for us and said that if we lost our lives, we would find it in him again. Everything is lost on this side of heaven, but everything is found in Jesus, and when that happy day comes, nothing will ever be lost again.

by Tammy Tkach

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