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Dear reader, dear reader507 your next trip

On the cover picture you can see three riders riding camels through the desert. Come with me and experience the journey that took place about 2000 years ago. You see the starry sky moving over the riders and now above you. They believed that a very special star showed them the way to Jesus, the newborn King of the Jews. However far and hard the way, they wanted to see and worship Jesus. Once in Jerusalem, they needed help from others to find their way. They received the answer to their question from the chief priests and the scribes: "And thou, Bethlehem Efrata, that thou art small among the cities of Judah, thou shalt come to me of him that is master in Israel, its beginning from the beginning and from eternity has been "(Mi 5,1 LUT).

The wise men from the East found Jesus where later the star stopped and they worshiped Jesus and gave him their gifts. In a dream, God commanded them to return to their land by another route.

It is always impressive for me to look at the vast starry sky. The Creator of the universe is the Triune God revealed through Jesus to us humans. That's why I'm new every day to meet him and worship him. My spiritual eye sees him through the faith that I received as a gift from God. I am aware that at the moment I can not see him face to face, but when he returns to earth, I can see him as he is.

Although my faith is only the size of a mustard seed, I know that God the Father gives me Jesus. And I like to accept this gift.
But fortunately, this gift is not meant only for me, but for those who believe that Jesus is their Savior, Savior and Savior. He redeems every man from the captivity of sin, saves every man from eternal death, and is the Savior through whose wounds every one is healed, who entrusts his life to him and believes in him.

Where does your journey lead you? Maybe to the place where Jesus met you! Trust in it, even if it leads you back to your country on another route, as explained above. May the star make you open your heart on your next journey. Jesus always wants to give you rich gifts with his love.

Sincerely, your travel companion
Toni Püntener

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