Portrait of Dr. Joseph Tkach

031 tj tkachJoseph Tkach is Pastor General and Chairman of the Board of "Worldwide Church of God", in short WKG, English"Worldwide Church of GodSince 3, April 2009, the church has been renamed "Grace Communion InternationalDr. Tkach has served as the ordained preacher of the Worldwide Church of God since 1976, serving communities in Detroit, Michigan, Phoenix, Arizona, Pasadena, and Santa Barbara-San Luis Obispo.

His father, Joseph W. Tkach sen., Appointed Tkach to the Pastor General. The elder Tkach died in September 1995 when Joseph Tkach became a pastor general.

Dr. Tkach's training included visiting Ambassador University from 1969 to 1973, where he received a master's degree in theology. In 1984, he graduated in Business Administration from Western International University in Phoenix, Arizona. In May 2000, he received a doctorate in theology from Azusa Pacific University, Azusa, California.

His professional experience as a social worker began in the year 1976, where he worked for Arizona's Boys Ranch, a private organization. His area of ​​responsibility includes the development and implementation of rehabilitation programs for juvenile offenders. From 1977 to 1984, he worked as a social worker for the state of Arizona. He dealt with supporting measures for the development opportunities of persons with problems in the social area. From 1984 to 1986, he worked for Intel Corporation in Phoenix, where he led the Department of Service Education. In the year 1986 he was hired by the church administration of the Worldwide Church of God.

Christian growth, evangelism and unity are very important to Joseph Tkach. He is on the board of the National Association of Evangelicals and also serves on the American Bible Society's church council. For Mission America, he supports and coordinates a Christian network on unbiblical doctrines of alternative religions. He also serves on the doctoral committee of Azusa Pacific University. He participates in annual regional and international conferences with leaders of the Worldwide Church of God to promote Christian growth, share ideas, and discuss the goals of the Church for the coming year.

He was on 23. December 1951 was born in Chicago, Illinois, where he spent most of his childhood, until his parents moved to 1966 Pasadena. He and his wife Tammy married 1980. They have a son, Joseph Tkach III, and a daughter, Stephanie.