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Welcome home

Welcome home

Fred Ritzhaupt

A New Testament transfer that surprises the mind and the Hore touched.

With this New Testament translation, Fred Ritzhaupt brings you closer to the God whom Jesus introduced as "Abba, Father." God's invitation to enter into a personal relationship with Him is emphasized in the text.

This transmission combines the fresh liveliness of today's vernacular with the fidelity to the Greek Urtext. The renunciation of narration, the explanatory transitions and the beautiful sentence make reading a pure pleasure.

Anyone who discovers this father relationship with God has arrived, at last "at home". Our wish and prayer is that this transfer is a companion on the way home.

Gerth Media GmbH, ISBN: 978-3-95734-023-8

The cottage

The hut - a weekend with God

by William P. Young

Mackenzie's youngest daughter disappeared years ago. Their last trail was found in a refuge in the forest not far from the campsite of the family. Four years later, in the midst of his deepest grief, Mackenzie receives an enigmatic invitation to this cabin. Your sender is God. Despite his doubts, Mackenzie allows himself to accept this invitation. A journey into the unknown begins. What he finds there will change Mack's world forever.

Econ-Ullstein-List, ISBN: 978-3-548-28403-3

The invader

Der Eindringling

Melvin J. Sandström

A stranger appears to an old man, a professor of theology, a blind girl, a bishop, a preacher of the prosperity gospel, and a prostitute in a bar. He invades their lives, asks awkward questions - and reveals himself as Jesus. The intruder is a historical fiction enriched theological fiction, the Dostoevsky famous text "The Grand Inquisitor" in 21. Century relocated. Jesus appears incognito to see if he finds faith on earth. In the mysteriously interwoven encounters, not only the six main protagonists, but also the question arises: what would we do if Jesus appeared?

Brunnen Verlag Basel, ISBN: 978-3-7655-1820-1

Shane Claiborne I have to be crazy to live like that

I have to be crazy to live that way

Shane Claiborne

"The conversion to radical succession" leads the author of this book into the ghettos to the side of the homeless and as a peace activist in Iraq. A story full of passion, creativity and a faith that changes the world through little acts of love ...

How does one live as a Christian? This question leads Shane Claiborne in unusual ways. He travels to Calcutta and accompanies Mother Teresa to the poorest of the poor - and there he encounters God in a whole new way. His "conversion to radical succession" is ruining his professional plans, leading him into the inner city ghettos alongside the forgotten of the affluent society and, at the beginning of the Iraq war, 2003 as a peace activist to Baghdad. The "Extremist of Charity" tells a story full of passion, creativity and a belief that changes the world through little acts of love.

Brunnen-Verlag, ISBN: 978-3-7655-3935-0

Brennan manages the unending love of God

The irrepressible love of God

Brennan Manning

Imagine a stormy day on the sea: your ship is thrown back and forth by the waves and is exposed to the forces of nature. Forces that are untamed and awesome at the same time. For Brennan Manning, this is a fitting picture of God's love for us humans - a passionate love that knows no bounds. With this moving message, the renowned author turns to people who struggle under the weight of religion. They feel they never live up to God's demands. This little book has the power to change your view of God once and for all.

Gerth Media GmbH, ISBN: 978-3-86591-473-6

rob bell the last word has love

The last word is love

Rob Bell

Rob Bell grapples with the age-old question of heaven and hell, judgment, and grace, and creates a courageous, in the best sense, offensive image of a God in whom love has the last word.

Countless Christians of all times have struggled with the question of how faith can on the one hand say: God is love and on the other hand emphasizes the possibility that millions of people will be eternally separated from God. Rob Bell traces in this book the questions that arise from this tension. How can God take seriously the freedom of the person who requires love and at the same time achieve his own goal of winning all people for his love? And how can the biblical terms salvation, damnation, repentance, heaven and hell be understood? This book presents unusual perspectives that lead to the discovery: The good news is even better than we thought before.

Brunnen-Verlag, ISBN: 978-3-7655-4186-5

wayne Jacobson dave coleman the cry of the wildgaense

The scream of wild geese

Wayne Jacobsen, Dave Coleman

Christ liberated us for freedom! So now is certain and do not let the yoke of bondage hang on you again! (Galatians 5,1). How can we practically live today as individuals and in community in this freedom to which Christ liberated us? How can we expose religious constraints that want to rob us of this freedom again and again? The authors have not written a non-fiction book on these questions, but take us into the exciting story of Jake Colsen. Jake, initially co-pastor of a Free Church, was satisfied with his Christianity and church life until things happened in his life that asked him a few questions, and until he met this unclassified stranger This stranger talks about Jesus as if he knew him personally. His way of life shakes Jake's previous beliefs to the core. Is he John the disciple, whom Jesus said might live until he comes back? The wild geese cry describes in thirteen encounters what Jake experiences with this strange stranger. With his help, he succeeds in facing his greatest fears, mastering extremely difficult circumstances and finally experiencing a joy and freedom that he could only dream of at best.

GLoryWorld-Medien, ISBN: 978-3-936322-27-9

bill thrall bruce mc nicol john lynch the cafe

The Café - Roman

Bill Thrall, Bruce McNicol, John Lynch

Everyone needs a place where they can be real. Actually, Steven Kerner has done it: high-paying job, great wife, well-behaved daughter. But after one of his infamous tantrums, his wife puts him out the door. Steven has to admit that his job does not satisfy him, he does not know how to save his marriage, and he has no one to talk to.

Suddenly, the eccentric Andy appears, who seems to know a lot about Steven. He takes him to Bo's Café - a place where acceptance, forgiveness and grace reign. There, in the midst of "failed existences", Steven's journey back to life begins - and to the God who loves him unconditionally.

Gerth Media GmbH, ISBN: 978-3-865917-96-6

03 lit fritz tie from the mystery of faith

From the mystery of faith

Fritz Binde

Fritz Binde (1867-1921) was a combative atheist and socialist with a pronounced speech with which he could captivate his listeners before his conversion. After returning to Jesus Christ, he placed his talent in the service of his Lord and became an intrepid witness of Jesus who preached the gospel in tents and halls. He also used his literary talent to encourage believers in numerous books and scriptures to live the faith uncompromisingly. A number of his most valuable essays (For example, “About the Secret of the Cross”, “The Secret of Faith”, “The Three Basic Conditions of Following Jesus”, etc.) are included in this volume.

CMN Christian Media Service Hünfeld, ISBN: 3-939833-35-5 ISBN: 3-939833-35-5

emerson eggerichs love and respect

Love and respect

Emerson Eggerichs

A woman wants to be loved by her husband unconditionally. A man wants to be unconditionally respected by his wife. This is the biggest secret of a successful marriage. The biblically-based principles of this book will help you to better understand your partner and understand each other's hidden needs. Show your wife the love in everyday life that she longs for. And learn how to give your husband, day after day, the recognition and respect that is vital to him. You will see your partner with a completely different view - and your partnership will have unimaginable depth and familiarity.

Gerth Media, ISBN: 978-3-86591-492-7

wayne jacobsen loved


Wayne Jacobsen

To lead a life every day, in which we are completely sure that we are unconditionally loved by God - is that really possible, and what does that look like? Wayne Jacobsen teaches us, step by step, how deep God's love for us really is and how it affects us in our daily lives. An essential point is that we come to a clear revelation of why Jesus died on the cross for us. Jesus allowed sin and shame to consume his own body, so that we can now enjoy a relationship with his father. As a result, we discover that we are not called to slaves, but to sons and daughters. This father loves us stronger and deeper than anybody else in this world. His loving affection applies to us in all circumstances. We experience a living relationship with Him that frees us from the agony of shame and changes us so that we can live as His children.

GLoryWorld-Medien, ISBN: 978-3-936322-33-0

Ryan Rufus extra pure grace

Extra pure grace

Ryan Rufus

This book goes down like oil - because Ryan Rufus announces in it a clear, salutary message for sore Christian souls. A belief based on misconceptions leads to a spiritual dead end. That is why Ryan Rufus clearly contrasts the sinister path of legalism and self-righteousness with the simple, liberating path of the grace of God. Even seasoned Christians do a good anointing with the refreshing theology of grace.

Publisher Grace Today, ISBN: 978-3-943597-14-1

Ryan Rufus the clear message of grace

The clear message of grace

Ryan Rufus

Grace is the very best message a person can ever hear in his life! It has the power to free you, transform you, and equip you for life. Grace is not about how perfect you must be, but about how perfect you have become in Christ. Discovering who you have already become in Christ always leads you to discover what he can and wants to do through you. The seven powerful teachings will help you to give grace to others with clarity and simplicity, evoking joy and enthusiasm.

Publisher Grace Today, ISBN: 978-3-943597-14-1

paul ellis the gospel in ten words

The gospel in ten words

Paul Ellis

Using ten terms, Paul Ellis makes it clear once and for all that the gospel of Jesus Christ is not just pretty good news, but the most joyous, revolutionary, liberating message imaginable. In Christ we are loved, reconciled, saved, united with Him, accepted, holy, just, dead, new and royal. There is no room for legalism and performance thinking.

Publisher Grace Today, ISBN: 78-3-943597-53-0

Paul Ellis ask the gospel in 20

The gospel in twenty questions

Paul Ellis

On the way out of legalism and into grace we are often full of questions. We need to learn who and how God is in truth and what the work of Jesus means to us. Our questions are like keys that unlock treasure troves. This book has answers and gives us the keys to a familiar relationship with God.

The questions in this book will lead you to new places. These will make you dance on the heights of your father's favor. Above all, they lead to a deeper relationship with Jesus, which is the grandest response of all.

Publisher Grace Today, ISBN: 978-3-943597-48-6

lynch the remedy

The cure

John Lynch, Bruce McNicol, Bill Thrall

We thought we were healed, but most of us unconsciously brought an old, lifeless view into their new lives. This book makes the diagnosis that people are obsessed with coping with their sin problems on their own. This has poisoned the church and veiled the original Good News. We have set a standard that we could not live up to - and so we have convinced ourselves that it is God's standard. Some of us have said goodbye to this farce and become cynical, suspicious and indifferent.

Publisher Grace Today, ISBN: 978-3-95933-055-8

Andrew Farley the naked gospel

The naked gospel

Andrew farley

Jesus pure. 100% of course. Without additives

Away with all unnecessary ballast, back to the joyful, freeing message of Jesus Christ in its original form! That's what Andrew Farley is all about, who has personally experienced how legalism, religious pressure, and pious performance-thinking can lead to despair and depression-for not nearly everything that comes from Christianity is in the spirit of Christ. Farley's book is life-changing.

Publisher Grace Today, ISBN: 978-3-943597-15-8

chad mansbridg you inherited

You inherited!

Chad Mansbridge

The author of this book takes us on a fascinating journey through God's history with the people. He explains God's various covenants - with Abraham, through Moses, and finally the new, eternal covenant in Jesus Christ. And he has it in him, because in Christ we are saved once and for all and at the same time heir of God. Especially in the overall view, it becomes clear that we can not add anything anymore. 'A challenging and important book. It shows the freedom that lies in the grace of God.

Publisher Grace Today, ISBN: 978-3-943597-20-2

joseph prince destined to rule

Intended for dominion

Joseph Prince

The secret to effortless success, fulfillment and victorious life. Why do so many find this book as a refreshing breeze? You are called to experience success, fulfillment and victory. This book shows how you can overcome and master any adversity, want, or destructive habit that stands in your way. It's not about what you have to do, but about what has already been done for you. You do not have to accomplish anything on your own, because it has already been done for you. You do not have to force change with your willpower - God's power and strength are what change you. Begin today to face the disease, the financial hardship, broken relationships and destructive habits with confidence and authority and to rule over them! Joseph Prince is a wonderful father, husband and friend who runs one of the largest communities in the world. Living and investing himself makes his words believable and convincing when he speaks of the victorious and overflowing life God promises us.

Publisher Grace Today, ISBN: 978-3-943597-70-7