An unimaginable inheritance

289 an unimaginable inheritanceDid you ever wish someone would knock on your door and tell you that a rich uncle you never heard of would have died and left you a huge fortune? The idea that money emerges out of nowhere is exciting, a dream of many people and a premise of many books and films. What would you do with your newfound wealth? What influence would he have on your life? Would he fix all your problems and let you walk on a road of prosperity?

This wish is unnecessary for you. It has already happened. You have a rich relative who died. He left a will in which he used you as the main beneficiary. This will can not be challenged or overturned in any court. None of this is for tax or lawyers to spend. It just belongs to you.

The last element of our identity in Christ is to be an heir. With this we have reached the top of our identity cross - now we are in the grand finale: "We are children of God and co-heirs of Christ, who shares his inheritance with us" (Gal. 4,6-7 and Roman 8,17).

The New Covenant became effective with Jesus' death. We are his heirs, and all the promises that God gave to Abraham belong to you (Gal. 3,29). The promises in the testament of Jesus are not to compare with the earthly promises in the will of an uncle money, a house or a car, pictures or antiques. We own the best and brightest future that one can only imagine. But it is inconceivable to us what it really means to dwell in God's presence, to explore eternity, to boldly go to a place no one has ever gone before!

When the will is opened, we do not have to ask ourselves what is effectively left to us. We can be sure of our inheritance. We know that we will receive eternal life (Titus 3,7), and the kingdom of God, which is promised to all who love him. "(James 2,5) We have been given the Holy Ghost as a guarantee, that we will receive all that has been promised to us in the Testament (Eph. 1,14), it will be an exceedingly great and glorious inheritance (Eph. 1,18) Paul said in Eph. 1,13: in him, too, you are after you Word of Truth, the gospel of your salvation, have been heard in him as you have been sealed, sealed with the Holy Spirit of Promise, in a sense, we are already on the road of prosperity, bank accounts are full.

Can you imagine what it must be like to receive such riches? Maybe we can get a feel for it when we imagine the Disney character of the miser McDuck. This cartoon character is a filthy rich man who likes to go to his treasury. One of his favorite actions is swimming through whole mountains of gold. But our inheritance with Christ will be more fantastic than the vast wealth of that miser.

Who are we? Our identity is in Christ. We have been called to be the children of God, made into a new creation and covered by His grace. We are expected to bring forth fruit and to express Christ's life, and ultimately to inherit all the riches and joy that we had in our lives but a foretaste. We should never again ask who we are. Also, we should not seek our identity in anything or anyone but Jesus.

by Tammy Tkach

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