Rest in Jesus

555 rest in Jesus After you've done your job, you want to rest properly. They let their soul dangle in sweet idleness, to breathe again and to gather fresh forces. Others find recreation in sports and nature or enjoy their rest in the form of music or inspiring reading.

By "rest" I mean a completely different quality of life. I would like to rewrite it with the phrase "rest in Jesus". By this I mean the deep inner peace that is so fulfilling and relaxing. God has prepared this all-encompassing peace for us all if we are truly open and receptive to it. The "good news," the gospel, includes your salvation through Jesus Christ. The goal of this is to inherit the Kingdom of God through Jesus and to live eternally in his peace. In other words, to rest in Jesus.

To understand this, you need "open ears of the heart". Because God has such a rest for all, it is my deep desire that you can experience and enjoy this peace.

At this point, I think of the encounter between Nicodemus, one of the superiors of the Jews and Jesus. Nicodemus came to Jesus at night and said, "Rabbi, we know that you are a teacher whom God has sent. Because no one can do such miracles as you do when God is not with him. Jesus said, "I tell you, if anyone is not born again, he can not see the kingdom of God". The whole story can be found in John 3,1-15 for a better understanding.

In order to see the kingdom of God, Nicodemus needed you, and today also you the Holy Spirit. It blows around you, like the wind you do not see but whose effects you experience. These effects testify to the power of God, which changes your life, because you are united with Jesus in his kingdom.

Translated to our time, I put it this way: If I really want to be filled and carried by God's Spirit, then I have to open my senses and be ready to recognize and acknowledge God in all its expressions. I wholeheartedly say "yes" to him without restriction.

Soon you will be ready before Advent and Christmas. They remember that Jesus, the Son of God, became man. We became one with him. What then sets in, this inner peace and serenity towards life, neither I myself nor any other person can create. It is simply the great wonder and gift of God, because we are all so precious.

Toni Püntener