Cut flowers that wither

606 cut flowers withering My wife recently had a minor health problem, which meant surgery in a hospital as a day patient. As a result, our four children and her spouses all sent her a beautiful bouquet of flowers. With four beautiful bouquets, her room looked almost like a flower shop. But after about a week, all the flowers inevitably died and were thrown away. It's not a criticism of giving a bouquet of colorful flowers, it's just a fact that flowers wither. I arrange a bouquet of flowers for my wife on every wedding day. But when flowers are cut and they look beautiful for a while, the death sentence hangs over them. As beautiful as they are and how long they bloom, we know that they will wither.
It is the same in our life. From the moment we are born, we walk a path of life that will end in death. Death is the natural end of life. Unfortunately, some younger people die, but we all hope for a long, productive life. Even if we receive a telegram from the Queen on our 100th birthday, we know that death will come.

Just as the flower brings beauty and splendor for a certain time, we can enjoy a wonderful life. We can enjoy a good career, live in a nice house and drive a fast car. While we live, we can have a real impact on our fellow human beings and improve and uplift their lives in a similar way as flowers do on a smaller scale. But where are the people who were the creators of the world two hundred years ago? The great men and women of history have faded like these cut flowers, as have the outstanding men and women of today. We may be a household name in our lives, but who will remember us when our lives go down in history?

The Bible tells an analogy of cut flowers: «Because all flesh is like grass and all its glory is like grass. The grass has withered and the flower has fallen off » (1 Peter 1,24). It is an interesting thought about human life. When I read it, I had to think. How do I feel when I enjoy everything that life offers me today and know that in the end I will disappear into the dust like a cut flower? It is uncomfortable. What about you? I suspect you may feel the same way.

Is there a way out of this inevitable end? Yes, I believe in an open door. Jesus said: «I am the door. If someone enters through me, they will be saved. He will go in and out and find good pasture. The thief only comes to steal and slaughter the sheep and to bring destruction. But I came to bring them life - life in fullness » (John 10,9: 10).
Peter explains, in contrast to the impermanence of life, there are words that remain forever: «But the word of the Lord remains forever. This is the word that has been proclaimed to you » (1 Peter 1,25).

It is good news, good news that was preached by Jesus and that remains forever. You may be wondering, what good news is it? You can read this good news from another part of the Bible: "Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever believes has eternal life" (John 6,47).

These words were spoken by the lips of Jesus Christ. This is the loving promise of a god that you may want to dismiss as a fable or have never considered valuable. When you think of the alternative - death - what price would you pay for eternal life? What is the price that Jesus is asking? Believe! Through the faith of Jesus with which you agree with God and accept the forgiveness of your sins through Jesus Christ and accept him as the giver of your eternal life!

The next time you have cut flowers tied to a bouquet in a flower shop, remember if you just want to live a short physical life or if it is worth looking for the open door through the door on the way to the eternal one Life to go!

by Keith Hartrick