God's GPS

GPS means Global Positioning System and is synonymous with any technical device that you can hold in your hands and that shows you the way when traveling in unknown areas. These mobile devices are wonderful, especially for someone like me who does not have a good sense of direction. Although the satellite-based devices have become more and more accurate over the years, they are still not infallible. Just like a cell phone, GPS devices do not always have reception.

There are also some incidents where travelers were misdirected by their GPS and arrived at locations that were not their intended destination. Even if one or the other breakdown happens, GPS devices are really great equipment. A good GPS lets us know where we are and helps us to get to our desired destination without getting lost. It gives us instructions that we can follow: "Turn right now. In100 m turn left. Turn to the next opportunity. "Even though we do not know where to go, a good GPS will guide us safely to our destination, especially if we listen to the instructions and follow them.

A few years ago, I made a trip with Zorro, and as we drove in unknown areas from Alabama to Missouri, the GPS kept telling us to turn around. But Zorro has a very good sense of direction and he said that the GPS wanted to send us the wrong way. Since I blindly trust Zorro and his sense of direction, I did not think anything of it when he turned off the GPS in frustration of the wrong direction statement. About an hour later, we noticed that the GPS was right. Zorro turned on the device again and this time we deliberately decided to listen to the instructions. Even the best navigation artists can not always trust their sense of direction. Therefore, a good GPS can be an important support on a journey.

Never seperated

Christians are always on the journey. We need a good GPS with enough power. We need a GPS that does not let us hang in the middle of nowhere. We need a GPS that does not lose us and that never sends us in the wrong direction. We need the GPS of God. His GPS is the Bible that helps us stay on the right track. His GPS lets the Holy Spirit be our guide. God's GPS allows us to be in direct contact with our Creator around the clock. We are never separated from our Divine Signpost and his GPS is infallible. As long as we are traveling with God, talking to him and maintaining our relationship with him, we can trust that we will arrive safely at our final destination.

There is a story in which a father takes his son on a walk through the woods. While they are out there, the father asks the son if he knows where they are and if they are lost. Then his son answers him "How could I have lost my way? I'm with you. "As long as we stay close to God, we will not get lost. God says, "I want to instruct you and show you the way to go; I want to guide you with my eyes "(Ps 32,8). We can always count on the GPS of God.

by Barbara Dahlgren

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