He gives us full

I like a hot cup of tea so much that I dream of a cup that never gets empty and always stays warm. If it is for the widow in 1. Kings 17 worked, why not for me? Joking aside.

A full cup has something reassuring about it - an empty cup always makes me a little sad. I learned a song called "Fill My Cup, Lord" (literally translated as "Fill My Cup, Lord") at a "Women's Retreat" in Newfoundland, Canada. The free time was a few years ago, but the lyrics and the melody of this song are still close to my heart. It is a prayer to God to satisfy my thirsting soul, to refill and renew myself as his vessel.

We often say that we can only work effectively when we are fully fueled. I believe that this is especially true for introverts, but none of us can reach our maximum with minimal effort. The best way to stay full is to have a living and growing relationship with God. Sometimes my cup is empty. When I feel mentally, physically and emotionally empty, it is difficult for me to refuel. I'm not alone with that. I am sure that you can confirm that full-time and voluntary employees in communities, especially after weddings, always have enough time to refuel. After conferences and other big events, I always need a little break.

So how do we refuel? In addition to a relaxing evening on the couch, the best way to refuel is to spend time with God: Bible reading, meditation, loneliness, walks and especially prayer. It is very easy for the bustle of life to supplant these important ingredients, but we all know how important it is to cultivate and enjoy our relationship with God. Care and enjoyment - are my definition of being "close to God". I have often put myself under pressure in this punk. I did not know how to have such a relationship with God and how it should look like. I was worried about having a relationship with someone you can not see - I had no experience in that. During a quiet free time, I came across a timeless truth that has been practiced since the beginning of the early church, and whose meaning I was not fully aware of until then. This truth is that prayer is a gift of God to us to discover, uncover, revive, and share with us the relationship that Jesus has always had with the Father. Suddenly a light had risen to me. I was looking for something more dramatic, romantic and definitely more exciting than prayer to cultivate my relationship with God.

Of course, I already knew about the meaning of prayer - and she certainly did. But do not we sometimes take the prayer for granted? It is so easy to see prayer as the time when we present our list of wishes to God, rather than a time when we cultivate our relationship with God and enjoy His presence. We do not recharge to be fit for community service again, but to give space to God and the Holy Spirit.

by Tammy Tkach

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