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474 viewpoint jesus Dear reader, dear reader

You are holding a new edition of the magazine “SUCCESSION” with the name “FOCUS JESUS”. The leadership of the WKG (Worldwide Church of God Switzerland) has decided to have its own magazine here, in collaboration with the WKG (Germany). Jesus is our focus. I look at the picture of the young woman on the front page and let myself be infected by her enthusiasm. With her bright eyes, she doesn't look at me, but sees something that completely fascinates her. Could it be JESUS? This is exactly the question God wants to trigger in it, because he wants to inspire everyone with his love and to illuminate every life with his light. You are precious and loved in Jesus' eyes. But does he also have an expectation for you? Accept his unconditional love!

The leading verse in the title of the magazine "FOCUS JESUS" can be found in the Gospel of John, chapter 6,29: "This is God's work that you believe in the one he sent." The Almighty sent Jesus to earth to save us humans, to redeem us from our sin, to speak righteously, to heal, to exhort, to encourage and to comfort. He wants to live with us forever in warm love. What is your personal commitment to this grace, this undeserved gift? To believe in Jesus, to trust him fully, because he is the savior for you and me.

I admit: I cannot save myself with all my so-called good achievements, sacrifices and love services, because I am completely dependent on Jesus. He is the only one who can save me. I am not afraid to accept his complete help to be saved by him. Are you feeling like me? They want to meet Jesus “on the water of the lake”. As long as you keep your eyes on Jesus, you will come closer to him. As soon as you focus on the high waves of your life, you seem to sink into the water. Jesus approaches you, grabs your hand and brings you to safety - with you! Your faith is God's work on you.

Toni Püntener

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