The spirit world

137 the spirit world We think of our world as physical, material, three-dimensional. We experience them through the five senses touching, tasting, seeing, smelling, hearing. With these senses and the technical equipment we have devised to reinforce, we can explore the physical world and harness its potential. It has taken humanity a long way, today more than ever. Our modern scientific achievements, our technological glories, are proof that we can understand, understand, and harness the physical world. A spirit world - if it exists - would have to exist beyond the physical dimensions. It could not be recognizable and measurable by the physical senses. It would have to be a world whose manifestations can not normally be seen, felt, smelt, tasted and heard. It should, if it exists, be beyond normal human experience. So, is there such a world?

In earlier, less demanding times, people had no trouble believing in invisible powers and supernatural beings. There were fairies in the garden, gnomes and elves in the woods, ghosts in haunted houses. Every tree, rock and mountain had its spirit. Some were good and helpful, some mischievously mischievous, some thoroughly evil. The mortals were very aware of these invisible spirits and were careful not to bully or insult them. But then material world knowledge grew, and scientists showed us that natural forces ruled the world. Everything could be explained without resorting to the supernatural. In any case, the scientists once believed this unanimously. Today, some people are not so sure anymore. The more scientists have widened the boundaries of knowledge in every direction, the more it became clear that not everything can be explained by physical and natural forces.

When we come into contact with the world of the supernatural, we come into contact with powerful forces, and they are not just benevolent ones. The desperate, the adventurous, even the simple curious can quickly get into trouble. You should not venture into this country without a good guide. Much has been published about it to this day. Some are superstition and nonsense, some the work of charlatans who capitalize on the fears of the gullible and naive. But there are also many sincere and well-meaning people who offer themselves as guides to the spirit world.

Our guide is to be the Bible. It is the revelation of God to man. In it, he tells us what we can not or can not fully understand with the five senses. It is the manual that the Creator has given to his creature man. Therefore, it is a sure, reliable standard and "reference book" for everything we need to know about the forces, powers, and influences beyond our natural experience.

Text from the brochure "The spirit world"