The best Christmas present

319 the best Christmas presentEvery year at the 25. December, Christianity celebrates the birth of Jesus, the Son of God, born of the Virgin Mary. The Bible does not contain any information about the exact date of birth. The birth of Jesus probably did not take place in winter when we celebrate it. Luke reports that Emperor Augustus ordered that the inhabitants of the whole Roman world had to be registered in tax lists (Lk 2,1) and "everyone went to get enrolled, everyone in his city," including Joseph and Maria, the pregnant was (Lk 2,3-5). Some scholars have dated Jesus' actual birthday in the early fall instead of in the middle of the winter. But regardless of when exactly the day of Jesus' birth was to celebrate his birth, it is definitely worth it.

The 25. December gives us the opportunity to commemorate a wonderful moment in human history: the day our Savior was born. It is important to remember that Christ's birthday does not end with the Christmas story. Every year of his short life, which ended with his death on the cross and his resurrection and his ascent to heaven, Jesus spent his birthdays on earth. Year after year he lived among us. He not only came for his first birthday - he lived as a human being throughout his lifetime. He was with us on every birthday of his life.

Since Jesus Christ is both fully human and totally God, we know that he fully understands us. He knows us inside out; He knows what it means to feel pain, cold and hunger, but also earthly joy. He breathed the same air, walked on the same earth, had the same physical body as us. His perfect life on earth is a model of love for everyone and care for the needy and the universal service of God.

The best news of the Christmas story is this: Jesus is present now! His feet are no longer dirty and sore, because his body is now glorified. The scars from the cross are still there; his stigmata are signs of his love for us. For our faith as Christians and for our mission here at the GCI / WKG, it is essential that we have an intercessor and representative in Jesus who was born a human being who lived as a human being and died as a human to save us , His resurrection gives us confidence that we, too, will be resurrected and welcome into God's family because he died for us.

One of the passages in the Old Testament that foretells the birth of Jesus is found in Isaiah 7,14: "Therefore the LORD Himself will sign to you: Behold, a virgin is pregnant and will give birth to a son, which she will call Immanuel." Immanuel is Hebrew and means "God with us", which strongly reminds us who Jesus is. He is the God who came down, God among us, a God who knows our sufferings and joys.

For me, the greatest gift of this Christmas is the reminder that Jesus came once and for all, and not just for a birthday. He lived as a human being like you and me. He died as a human, so we can have eternal life through him. Through incarnation Jesus became united with us. He became one of us so that we could be with him in God's family.

This is the core of our message to Grace Communion International / WKG. We have hope because we have Jesus, the Son of God who lived on earth as we do now. His life and teachings guide us and his death and resurrection give us salvation. We are united with each other because we are in him. If you support GCI / WKG financially, you support the spread of this gospel: We are redeemed by a God who loved us so much that he sent his only Son to be born human, to live as a human, to us to die the sacrificial death to resurrect and offer us a new life in it. This is the basis for this festival and the reason why we celebrate.

I hope that you will join us this month so that together we celebrate what we are constantly invited to, namely to establish a relationship with a God who understands us. Jesus' birth was our first Christmas present, but now we are celebrating Christ's birthday every year because he is still with us. His Holy Spirit lives in all his followers. He is always with us.

I wish you a blessed Christmas in Christ!

Joseph Tkach


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