Sign of time

479 sign of the timesDear reader, dear reader

How the time flies! First you have looked at the blossoms of spring, tasted the wonderful warmth of summer before you received the ripe fruits of the harvest. Now you look with bright eyes into the future. Depending on where you are looking, your look on the cover picture is enough for the hoarfrosted shrubbery, the forest in the shade or the hills in the background. Maybe you are also concerned with the impenetrable cloud cover, under which people experience nothing of the bright light that illuminates you.

I am happy to recognize signs of the times. When I look at my watch, she tells me what time it is and at the same time shows me what it has done for me. For this I need spiritually open eyes, only in this way can I perceive Jesus and what he tells me.

This thought puts me in the place of the Corinthians, where it says, "But the thoughts of men have been darkened, and to this day there is a veil over their thinking. When the law of the old covenant is read out, they do not recognize the truth. This veil can only by faith in Christ be canceled "(2, Kor 3,14 NLB).

This veil, a spiritual cloud cover prevents finding Jesus. He alone can take her away because he is the light of the world. No law and keeping any order brings you, dear reader, dear reader to light, but only Jesus. Would you like to accept his offer of love? Trust him to give you a clear view, beyond time, into eternity.

If you accept Jesus as your personal Lord and Master, it will have consequences for your life and that of your neighbor. "You are the light of the world. So let your light shine before the people, so that they may see your good works and praise your Father in heaven "(from Mt 5,14 and 16 LUT).

The light of Jesus shines in you when you believe in Jesus and His Word. The veil is gone. With your work, you participate in the most important proclamation of the Kingdom of God, that the love of God is poured out into our hearts.

With this, you are equipped to experience how the effects of love through the incarnate Son of God affect your life, delight and worship God.

Toni Püntener

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