Jesus - the better sacrifice

464 Jesus the better victimJesus came to Jerusalem one last time before suffering, where the people with palm branches made a solemn entrance for him. He was ready to give his life as a sacrifice for our sins. Let us look more closely at this amazing truth by addressing the letter to the Hebrews, who shows that the high priesthood of Jesus is superior to the Aaronic priesthood.

1. Jesus' sacrifice takes away sin

By nature, we humans are sinners, and our actions prove it. What is the solution? The sacrifices of the Old Covenant served to expose sin and point to the only solution, to the perfect and final sacrifice of Jesus. Jesus is the better sacrifice in three ways:

The need ...

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Beautiful presents

485 beautiful giftsThe apostle James writes in his Epistle: "All good gifts and all perfect gifts come down from above, from the Father of Light, where there is no change, nor change of light and darkness" (James 1,17 LUT).

When I look at God's gifts, I realize that he is bringing life. The light, the glory of nature, the golden sunrises, the bright colors of the sunsets over snow-capped peaks, the lush green of the woods, the sea of ​​colors in a meadow full of flowers. I see many other things that we can all admire only if we take some time for them. God gives us all these things in abundance, no matter what conviction you represent. The believer who ...

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Living in the love of God

537 live in the love of GodIn his letter to the Romans, Paul asks the rhetorical question, "Who wants to separate us from the love of Christ? Tribulation or fear or persecution or hunger or nakedness or danger or sword? "(Rom 8,35).

It really can not separate us from Christ's love, which is clearly shown to us here, as we can read in the following verses: "For I am certain that neither death nor life, neither angels nor powers nor powers, neither present nor future neither high nor low nor any other creature can divorce us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus, our Lord "(Rom 8,38-39).

We can not be separated from the love of God because He always loves us. He loves us, whether we are well or ...

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