Decide for the present

Many people live in the past and constantly think about what might have been. They spend all their time dealing with things they can not do anymore.

They deal with things like:
"If only I had married the freak I assumed was a loser in college and now a millionaire." "If only I had accepted the job at the company that I thought she was does not exist long. But now she holds the most shares in the market. "" If only I had not gotten pregnant with 16. "" If only I had finished my graduation instead of throwing everything. "" If only I had not been so drunk and I would not have let the tattoo sting. "" If only I did not ... "

Every single person's life is full of missed opportunities, unwise decisions and regrets. But these things can not be changed anymore. It is better to accept them, to learn from them and to go forward. Nevertheless, many people seem to be held captive by things they can not change.

Others wait with their lives for an indefinite point in the future. Yes, we look forward to the future, but we live today. God lives in the present. His name is "I am" and not "I was" or "I will be" or "If only I had been". The path with God is a journey from one day to another and we miss a lot if we don't focus on what God has in store for us today. Note: God does not give us today what we need for tomorrow. The Israelites found this out when they tried to save the manna for the next day (Genesis 2:16). It is not wrong to plan the future, but God cares for our needs every day. We pray "give us our daily bread today". Matthew 6,30: 34-6,33 tells us not to worry about tomorrow. God cares for us. Instead of complaining about the past and worrying about tomorrow, Matthew says where our focus should be: "Seek the kingdom of God first ..." It is our job to seek God, to have a relationship with him and to be aware of his presence and to be attuned to him every day. We should pay attention to what God is doing for us today. It is our priority and we cannot do it if we constantly live in the past
or wait for the future.

Proposals for implementation

  • Read a few Bible verses each day and think about how to apply them in your life.
  • Ask God to show you his will and to make his wishes your wishes.
  • See the creation around you - the sunrise, the sunset, the rain, the flowers, the birds, the trees, the mountains, the rivers, the butterfly, the children's laughter - whatever you see, hear, smell, taste , feel - refers to your creator.
  • Pray several times a day (1 Thess 5,16: 18). Pray longer and shorter prayers, filled with thanks and praise, requests and intercession for help so that your focus is and remains on Jesus (Hebrews 12,2).
  • Guide your thoughts throughout the day through ongoing meditation on God's Word, biblical principles, and how Christ would handle certain situations in my place (Psalm 1,2; Joshua [space]] 1,8).

by Barbara Dahlgren

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