Our reasonable worship

368 our reasonable worship «I now exhort you, brothers and sisters, through the mercy of God that you give your body as a sacrifice that is alive, holy and pleasing to God. That is your sensible worship service » (Letter to the Romans 12,1). That is the subject of this sermon.

You noticed correctly, there is a word missing. Next reasonable Worship, is our worship one logically . This word is "logics" from the Greek derived. The service in honor of God is logical, reasonable and meaningful. I'll explain why.

From a human point of view, we look at everything with human logic. For example, if I serve God, I can expect something from him. God's logic is very different. God loves you and me unconditionally. A logical worship in God's view is a service of love to us humans, without which we could earn it. And my worship? He alone shall honor God, the Lord. My worship should glorify him and include my thanks to him. Just such a service is called Paul reasonable and logical , An unreasonable illogical worship would my personal interests and my pride in the foreground. I would serve myself. That would be idolatry.

You can better understand logical worship when you look at Jesus' life. He gave you a perfect example.

The Living Divine Service of the Son of God

Jesus' earthly life was filled with thoughts and actions, to give glory to God alone, to fulfill His Father's will and to serve us human beings. Jesus miraculously satisfied the hunger of thousands with bread and fish in the wonderful multiplication of bread. Jesus drew the hungry to find in him the true food that will forever satisfy their spiritual hunger. Jesus also worked this miracle to make you attentive and happy for God and his kingdom. With this gusto on him, he leads you to live with him and to do that which corresponds to the will of the Father in heaven. He gave us a meaningful example with his practical life. He served God, his Father, logically or in other words, every day out of love, joy and reverence.

This logical service of Jesus included his ordeal at the end of his life. He was not looking forward to suffering itself, but to what his suffering as a logical service in many people will show for change. This led him to exuberant joy in his resurrection and you may take part in it.

"Christ Jesus was resurrected, the first fruits," as it says in 1 Corinthians 15,23!

He is truly risen, he lives and is still ministering today! Jesus' life, his crucifixion, his resurrection, his life on the right side of his father today is still "the living and logical worship of the Son of God" to us humans. At any time Jesus honored his father. Understand that? This understanding leads a profound transformation into you.

"At that time Jesus began and said: I praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have hidden this from the wise and the wise and have revealed it to the underage" (Matthew 11,25).

If we count ourselves among the wise and wise men of this world, we would have a problem. These insist on their own wisdom and wisdom and thus miss God's revelation.

However, here is the speech of babes. It refers to people who admit to be totally dependent on God and dependent on his help and do not want to do anything on their own. In other words, God's beloved children are his favorites. They entrust their lives to him. They understand that Jesus has served us humans, all, with his life, and is still working to serve us. Together with him we can do great things, because we follow God's will and let his power work in us.

That is, if you do not let God serve you, as he offers you in your life, you are not yet underage, totally dependent on him. You are unwilling to to be humble to him and willing to serve courageously. His love service to you, his logical worship would have sang and passed you by without a sound.

They are waiting for Jesus to speak to you personally. I am confident you hear God's call. By the grace of his reasonable worship, he can attract you to himself, anyone who has himself called by the Father. Gently, like a whisper of the wind or with violent shaking, hear his voice. We come to the second point.

Our ego

Yes, our dear I and once again I. I do not want to pimp anyone with this statement. It is a fact that each one of us is an egotist without deliberation. A little or bigger. One, as Paul says in the Ephesians 2,1, was dead in his sins. Thank God, he let you and me hear his voice. Only through his logical worship, we are redeemed from guilt and sin burden, saved.

I heard his voice as a little boy through my mother. She gave the voice of Jesus a face and heart. Later I also heard his voice in the roundabout way, until I, as an egoist, seemingly abandoned by all good spirits, went to the pig trough of the prodigal son and caused him grief. This means:

I said to myself, I am sure of myself and do not need applause or rebuke from anyone. In doing so, I sought recognition. To work almost day and night to feed the family, but beyond, to afford that or that extra thing my heart craved. Of course, always with the appropriate reason.

Nothing could shake me. Except God! When he held out the mirror to me, he showed me what I looked like from his point of view. Stains and wrinkles. I have traded in such things. You are unmistakable. The Lord Jesus loved me despite these missteps. No more and no less. His voice made me change my life. At night, after work, reading the Bible and during the day at work, he gently grabbed my arm, guided me to change my life as my logical worship service. Away from the usual lifestyle and sounding cash register, away from the commitment to the professional enjoyment of all kinds of delicacies, away from the more that could not be enough. I was dead! We all have some kind of “dirt on the stick” and wish we could leave something undone. This is how our ego looks, in short, in other words, we were all dead in our transgressions (Ephesians 2,1). But God brings you and me to be satisfied with what we have and what he leads us to do. You will experience first-hand what changes logical service leads you to.

My logical worship

He is written down in Romans. Paul wrote a booklet of eleven chapters under the guidance of the Holy Spirit before going to practice in Chapter 12, with an obvious and unmistakable urgency.

«Now, dear brothers, I exhort you, God's mercy, to give your bodies as a sacrifice that is alive, holy and pleasing to God. That is your sensible worship service » (Romans 12,1).

This verse is a reminder and applies to here and now. We can not put the call on the back burner now. It is based on eleven chapters. These express how God serves you. From his point of view, logically - unconditionally. He wants to achieve that His mercy, His heartfelt mercy, His grace, all this is His undeserved gift, leading you to radically change your life. You can receive all of this through Jesus alone. Take this gift. They are sanctified by this, that is, they belong to God holistically and live in a new life with Him. That's your rational, logical worship. Also, unconditionally, in his honor alone, with all your thinking and actions.

Christ's followers at all times are in danger of being persecuted and killed as witnesses of their faith. But not only this, but are ridiculed as a sect pendant, especially ridiculed as a pious and marginalized in employment in life. That's a sad truth. Paul speaks to Christians here, who perform worship through their lives, their loving ways of life.

How can you be more reasonable. logical worship look like?

That's a good question? An answer to that is given by Paul:

«And do not put yourself on a par with this world, but change yourself by renewing your mind so that you can test what God's will is, namely what is good and pleasing and perfect» (Romans 12,2).

I experience logical worship where I allow Jesus to change my life step by step. God gives us redemption from death once and for all, but gradually he releases you completely from your old self. That does not happen overnight.

I now pay more attention to these little steps, where I can cultivate friendship and hospitality. Where I have time to listen to what you want to tell me, where I can help you and go the extra mile with you. I have voluntarily let go of my old self and am going to enjoy the time with my friend, Jesus.

Even my dear wife, children and grandchildren should not be neglected. I now have more open ears and a more open heart for their expectations and concerns. I see better the needs of my neighbor.

« Take care of the needs of the saints . Practice hospitality » (Romans 12,13).

A small sentence - a big challenge! That is logical worship , That's my job. I can squeeze around out of human logic for convenience. The logical conclusion would be: I have not fulfilled my reasonable worship, disobeyed God's will, and once again have been made equal to this world.

Another logical conclusion: I can not say that this process is done quickly and easily. What happened to Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane. When he was sweating and his sweat drops anfühlten as if they were blood. "Take the needs of the saints. Practice hospitality. " This is not an easy, carefree undertaking, it is a logical worship service that drives sweat out of our pores. but I pay attention to the change in my life, I will take all my heart happy, for the love of the needs of others. My change is not yet complete. Jesus is still with me at work and I am happy that I can give glory to God, so in different ways.

Maybe you feel like Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane. Jesus prayed and challenged his closest disciples:

"Pray so you won't be tempted" (Luke 22,40).

Without prayer, intimate contact with Jesus, things just don't go well. Hospitality, reasonable service may be for you and me to be a difficult road, not just piece of cake. Therefore, constant prayer for wisdom, guidance and strength is essential, as it is written 12,12 at the end of Romans. Paul mentions another point:

«Repay no one evil with evil. Be good towards everyone. If it is possible as much as you are, have peace with all people » (Romans 12,17-18).

They live together with their neighbors. From them you get the fine pinpricks that hurt to the core. Maybe you find it difficult to forgive. Your heart hurts! If you do not forgive and ask for forgiveness, your heart hurts for years and decades. You are asked to with Jesus help, in his name, to forgive from the bottom of your heart and to repay evil with good! Otherwise you will make your life difficult and so hurt because you cannot free yourself from this downward spiral. - "I forgive, I will give peace. I unconditionally take this first step! » Jesus sheep hear his voice. To do belong. They chase the peace after as logical worship,


Jesus came to earth to serve you unconditionally out of love. His worship is perfect. He lived a perfect life according to his father's wishes. That which is God's will is good, pleasing, and perfect. That's what Jesus wants, which is good for you.

Let the love guide you to act as Jesus intended for your life. This is logical unconditional worship and the answer God expects from His beloved children. You serve God alone, give him honor and gratitude and serve your neighbor. The Lord bless you in your rational, logical worship.

by Toni Püntener

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