007 credoEmphasis on Jesus Christ

Our values ​​are fundamental principles upon which we build our spiritual lives and with which we face our common purpose in the Worldwide Church of God as children of God through faith in Jesus Christ.

We emphasize sound biblical teaching

We are committed to sound biblical teaching. We believe that the essential doctrines of historical Christianity are those upon which the Christian faith is based, which, broadly speaking, is an understanding in the experience of the universal Church - and that these doctrines have been validated by the witness of the Holy Spirit. We believe that the mismatch in peripheral affairs in the Christian church, albeit natural and unavoidable (and biblically permissible), should not lead to division within the body of Christ.

We emphasize the identity of the Christian in Christ

As Christians we were given a new identity in Jesus Christ. As his soldiers, his friends and his brothers and sisters, we were equipped with what is needed to lead the good faith struggle - we have it! Jesus promised never to leave or miss us, and if he lives in us, we will never leave him or each other.

We emphasize the power of the gospel

Paul wrote, "For I am not ashamed of the gospel; for it is the power of God to save all who believe in it. "(Rom 1,16) People enter the kingdom of God by responding to the gospel, and in the Worldwide Church of God we advance the kingdom of God Christ as their Lord and Savior, they repent of their sins, show their faithfulness and loyalty, and do their work in the world, with Paul we believe in the Gospel and are not ashamed of it, because it is the power of God to save all, they think.

We emphasize to honor the name of Christ

Jesus, who died for us and loves us, calls us to honor him with all our lives. Knowing that we are safe in his love, we are a people committed to honoring him in all our relationships, at home, in our families and in our neighborhood, in our skills and abilities, in our work, in our lives our free time, the way we spend our money, our time in the Church and in our business affairs. Whatever we go through for opportunities, challenges or crises, we are always committed to bringing glory and glory to Jesus Christ.

We emphasize obedience to the sovereignty of God in the Church

Our church was chastised and blessed by our loving Heavenly Father. He has led us out of doctrinal errors and misinterpretation of Scripture into the lofty joy and power of the gospel. In his omnipotence, according to his promise, he has not forgotten our work of love, even in our imperfection. He has made our previous experience, which we have made as a church, meaningful to us because it is part of our personal journey toward total faith in our Redeemer. With Paul, we are now able to say, "Yes, I still think it all for harm to the exuberant knowledge of Christ Jesus, my Lord. For his sake, all of this has come to my detriment, and I think it's filthy for me to win Christ ... My brothers, I do not even esteem myself for having taken it. But I say one thing: I forget what is in the past, and stretch out for what is in front, and hunt for the purpose set, the prize of victory for the heavenly calling of God in Christ Jesus "(Phil 3,8.13-14).

We emphasize commitment and obedience to the call of the Lord

The members of the Worldwide Church of God are traditionally devoted people, eager to do the Lord's work. By leading our faith community to repentance, reformation, and renewal, our gracious Heavenly Father has taken this attitude of commitment and obedience to the work of the Gospel and to the name of Jesus. We believe in the present and active workings of the Holy Spirit, guiding and empowering Christians to lead a divine life in the power of Jesus' resurrection.

We emphasize deeply felt worship

Because we were all created to honor God, the Worldwide Church of God believes in the dynamic worship and joyful praise of our Lord and Redeemer, based on cultural and spiritual values
Sensitivity and relevance. Because our members are different in their background, tastes, and preferences, we seek to worship God through a variety of meaningful styles and occasions by combining the traditional and the contemporary in ways that honor the name of our Lord.

We emphasize prayer

Our faith community believes in prayer and practices prayer. Prayer is an essential part of life in Christ and is an important part of worship as well as private worship. We believe that prayer leads to the intervention of God in our lives.

by Joseph Tkach