The anchor for life

457 the anchor for life Need an anchor for your life? Storms of life try to crush you on the rocks of reality? Family problems, loss of a job, the death of a loved one or a serious illness threaten to sweep away your home. The anchor for your life and the foundation of your home is the sure hope of salvation through Jesus Christ!

Tests flood you like waves that fall on a ship. Waves pile up high above you. Waters of water that roll like a wall onto ships and simply shatter them - such reports have long been dismissed as sailor stories. Meanwhile, we know: There are the monster waves. Then the memories of a peaceful sailing on smooth waters are over. At this moment, there are only thoughts about the ongoing process of salvation. The question is: survive or sink? However, to defy the storms of life, you need an anchor that holds you in place. This should save you from shattering on rocky shore.

The Book of Hebrews says we have an anchor, the sure hope of salvation through Jesus Christ: «It is impossible for God to lie anyway, but here he committed himself in two ways - through the promise and through the oath both of which are irrefutable. It is a strong encouragement for us to do everything we can to achieve the goal of our hope that lies ahead. This hope is our refuge; it is a safe and solid anchor for our life that connects us to the innermost of the heavenly sanctuary, the space behind the curtain » (Hebrews 6,18: 19 New Geneva translation).

Your hope for eternal life is anchored in heaven, where the storms of your life can never sink your ship! The storms are still coming and raging around you. The waves hit you, but you know you do not need to be afraid. Its anchor is fixed in unsinkable sky. Your life is secured by Jesus Himself and forever! You have an anchor for life that gives you stability and security when your life is hit hard.

Jesus taught something similar in the Sermon on the Mount: “That is why everyone who hears my words and acts accordingly is like a clever man who builds his house on rocky ground. Then when a cloudburst falls and the masses of water flood in and when the storm rages and hits the house with full force, it does not collapse; it is built on rocky ground. But everyone who hears my words and does not act on them is like a foolish man who builds his house on sandy ground. Then when a cloudburst falls and the masses of water flood in and when the storm rages and hits the house with full force, it collapses and is completely destroyed » (Mat. 7,24-27 New Geneva translation).

Jesus describes two groups of people here: those who follow him , and those who don't follow him. Both build good looking houses and can keep their lives in order. The flood and tidal waves hit the rock (Jesus) and cannot harm the house. Listening to Jesus does not prevent the rain, water and wind, it prevents total collapse. When the storms of life hit you, you need a solid foundation for your stabilization.

Jesus advises us not only to build our lives by hearing His words, but to apply them in practice. We need more than the name of Jesus. We need the willingness to do what he says. We should trust Jesus in daily life and live in faith in Him. Jesus gives you the choice. He says what will happen if you do not rely on him. Your behavior shows if you believe him and trust him.

by Joseph Tkach

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