Source of living water

549 source of living waterAnna, a single middle aged woman, came home after a stressful day at work. She lived alone in her tiny, modest apartment. She sat down on the worn couch. Every day was the same. "Life is so empty," she thought desperately. "I am all alone".
In a posh suburb, Gary, a successful businessman, sat on his terrace. Everything seemed ok from the outside. Nevertheless, something was missing. He could not say what he was missing. He felt an inner emptiness.
Different people. Different circumstances. Same problem. People can not find true satisfaction from people, possessions, pastimes or pleasure. For them, life is like the center of a donut - empty.

At the Jacob's Fountain

Jesus had left Jerusalem because of the resistance of the Pharisees. When he returned to the province of Galilee, he had to go through Samaria, an area shunned by Jews. The Assyrians had conquered Jerusalem, the Israelites were deported to Assyria, and foreigners were led into the area to maintain peace. There was a mingling of the people of God with Gentiles, which was despised by the "pure Jews".

Jesus was thirsty, the midday heat had taken its toll. He came to the Jacob's Well outside the town of Sychar, from which the water was raised. Jesus met at the well of a woman and asked her to give him water to start a conversation with her. Such behavior was considered a taboo among Jews. (Joh 4,7-9) That was because she was a despised Samaritan and a woman. She was shunned because of her bad reputation. She had five husbands and lived with one man and was alone in a public place. Unrelated men and women did not speak in public places.

These were the cultural limitations that Jesus ignored. He sensed that she had a shortcoming, an emptiness in itself. She was looking for security in human relationships but could not find her. Something was missing, but she did not know what it was. She had not found her completeness in the arms of six different men and had probably been abused and humiliated by some of them. The divorce laws allowed a man to "dismiss" a woman for trivial reasons. She was rejected, but Jesus promised to quench her spiritual thirst. He told her he was the expected Messiah. Jesus answered and said to her, "If you know the gift of God, and who is the one who says to you, Give me to drink, you bethat him, and he would give you living water. He who drinks of this water will thirst again; but he who drinks of the water that I give him will not thirst for ever, but the water which I will give him will in him become a fountain of water, which gushes into eternal life "(Jn 4,10, 13-14).
She enthusiastically told people in her city about her experience, and many believed in Jesus as the Savior of the world. She began to understand and experience this new life - that she could be completely in Christ. Jesus is the source of living water: "My people do a double sin: I, the living spring, leave them and make themselves cisterns that are but cracked and do not hold the water" (Jer. 2,13).
Anna, Gary and the Samaritan drank from the well of the world. The water from that could not fill the void in her life. Even believers can experience this emptiness.

Do you feel empty or lonely? Is there anyone or anything in your life trying to fill your emptiness? Is there a lack of joy and peace in your life? God's answer to these feelings of emptiness is to fill the void in your life with his presence. They were created for a relationship with God. They were created to enjoy the sense of belonging, acceptance and appreciation of him. You will continue to feel incomplete as you try to fill that gap with something other than your present. Through an ongoing close relationship with Jesus you will find the answer to all the challenges of life. He will not disappoint you. Her name stands on each of his many promises. Jesus is human and God at the same time, and like any friendship you share with someone else, it takes time for a relationship to develop. This means spending time together and talking about everything, listening and talking about what comes to your mind. "How precious, O God, is your grace! People seek refuge in the shadow of your wings. You can enjoy the wealth of your home, and from a stream of joy you give them to drink. With you is the source of all life, in your light we see the light »(Ps 36,9).

by Owen Visagie