What is so special about Jesus?

A few days ago while driving home from work, I saw an advertisement on the street advertising the current editorial in a newspaper. The poster read the following: "Mandela is Jesus". At first this statement shocked me. How can someone say something like that! Mandela is a special person, but can you compare him to Jesus or put him on the same level? However, this poster got me thinking. Aside from Mandela, many special people have lived on this earth. In the past 100 years alone there have been people like Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr. and also Nelson Mandela who, like Jesus, have experienced injustices and overcome apparently insurmountable hurdles and have even achieved international recognition. Each of them suffered in their own way. They were beaten, detained, threatened, intimidated, and even killed. In the cases of Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr., both paid with their own lives. So what makes Jesus special? Why do more than two billion Christians worship him?

Jesus was without sin

Neither Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., nor Nelson Mandela have ever claimed to be without sin. But in the New Testament many testify that Jesus longs for an intimate relationship with us; no other human being can and does verse the fact that Jesus was without sin. In 1 Peter 2,22:4,15 we can read the following: "He who has not committed sin and in whose mouth there was no deceit" and in Hebrews "For we do not have a high priest who cannot suffer with our weakness , but who has been tried in everything like us, but without sin. » Jesus was perfect and, unlike Mandela and the others, had never sinned.

Jesus claimed to be God

Neither Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., or Nelson Mandela have ever claimed to be God, but Jesus did just that. In John 10,30, “I and the Father are one,” referring to God Himself an assertion is very brave and yet Jesus made it. For this reason the Jews wanted to crucify him.

There were other people in history, such as Augustus Caesar and King Nebuchadnezzar, who claimed to be divine. But their rule was not marked with peace, love, and good nature towards man, but was characterized by oppression, malice, and greed for power. In extreme contrast, the followers of Jesus, who are not anxious to make him famous, rich and powerful, but only to bring the love of God and the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ to the people.

Confirmed by miracles and prophecies

In Acts 2,22: 23-5000, the apostle wrote the following about Pentecost: "You men of Israel, hear these words: Jesus of Nazareth, depicted by God among you through deeds and miracles and signs that God has done through him in your midst As you know yourself, you have beaten and killed this man who was given away by God's counseling and providence by the hand of the Gentiles. » Here Peter speaks to the people who knew Jesus personally. They saw the miracles he did, and some of them were probably even there when he raised Lazarus, men (Women and children not included) provided with food, drove away evil spirits and healed the sick and the lame. Many people have witnessed his resurrection and have witnessed it. He wasn't just any man. He not only spoke, but acted on his words. Despite today's modern technology, no one can understand the miracles that Jesus did. No one can turn water into wine today, raise people from death, and increase food. Even though all of these things are very impressive, the fact that I find most impressive about the miracles that Jesus performed is because over 700 prophecies must be fulfilled by the Messiah and Jesus has fulfilled each of them. These prophecies were made more than a thousand years before his birth. To really understand how special it is since Jesus fulfilled these prophecies, one only has to look at the statistical possibility that someone fulfills all these prophecies. If we looked at any person's possibility of fulfilling the most significant 300 prophecies about Jesus, the probability would be about 1:10; (A one with 157 zeros). The chances that Jesus just happened to fulfill all the prophecies are so tiny that it seems impossible. The only explanation of how Jesus was able to fulfill all these prophecies is because he himself is God and has guided the events in this way.

Jesus longs for an intimate relationship with us humans

like Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., and Mandela had many followers, but it was impossible for a normal person to have a relationship with them. Jesus, on the other hand, invites us to have a personal relationship with him. In John 17,20: 23 he prays the following words: «I pray not only for you, but also for those who will believe in me through your word so that they are all one. Just as you, father, are in me and I in you, so they should be in us, so that the world can believe that you have sent me. And I gave them the glory that you gave me to be one, as we are, me in them and you in me, so that they were completely one and know the world because you sent me and loved them how you love me. »

Mandela does not know, because I exist, he can not. After all, he is only human. But each of us has access to a relationship with Jesus. They can share their deepest desires, joys, fears and concerns with him. They are not a burden to him and he will not be too tired or too busy listening to them. Jesus is more than any significant person who ever lived because he was not only human but also God.


Although it looked like Mandela could be compared to Jesus at the beginning of this article, we find that this is not possible. We can compare Mandela to Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr., but not to Jesus, because that's how we would compare a drop of water to an ocean. You can not compare anyone to Jesus because no one is like him. Because nobody is as special as he is.

by Shaun de Greeff

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