Jesus - the wisdom in person!

456 Jesus the wisdomAt the age of twelve, Jesus amazed the law teachers in the Temple of Jerusalem by conducting a theological dialogue with them. Each of them wondered about his insight and answers. Luke concludes his account with these words: "And Jesus increased in wisdom, old age, and grace in God and in the people" (Lk 2,52 LUT). What he taught testified to his wisdom. "On the Sabbath he spoke in the synagogue and many who heard him were very surprised. They asked each other, where did he get that from? What is this wisdom given to him? And only the miracles that happen through him! "(Mk 6,2 GNB). Jesus often taught using parables. The Greek word used in the New Testament for "parable" is a translation of the Hebrew word for "spell". Not only was Jesus a teacher of wise words, he also led a life according to the Book of Proverbs of Solomon while working on earth.

In this book we encounter three different kinds of wisdom. There is the wisdom of God. Heavenly Father is omniscient. Second, there is wisdom among men. This is the submission to God's wisdom and the realization of set goals by virtue of his wisdom. There is another form of wisdom that we read throughout the Book of Proverbs.

Surely you have noticed that wisdom is often personified. So she meets us in Proverbs 1,20-24 in female form and loudly calls us on the street to listen to her attentively. Elsewhere in the Book of Proverbs, she makes claims that are otherwise raised only by or for God. Many sayings correspond to verses in John's Gospel. Below is a small selection:

  • In the beginning was the Word, and it was with God (Joh 1,1),
  • The Lord had the wisdom already in the beginning of his ways (Spr 8,22-23),
  • The Word was with God (Joh 1,1),
  • The wisdom was with God (Spr 8,30),
  • The word was co-creator (Joh 1,1-3),
  • The Wisdom was co-creator (Spr 3,19),
  • Christ is life (Joh 11,25),
  • Wisdom brings forth life (Spr 3,16).

Do you realize what that means? Jesus was not only wise himself and taught wisdom. He is the wisdom! Paul provides further evidence: "For those whom God has called, Jews and non-Jews alike, Christ is proving to be God's power and God's wisdom" (1 Kor 1,24 GNÜ). So, in the book of Proverbs of Solomon, we not only encounter the wisdom of God - we encounter the wisdom that is God.

The message is getting better. Jesus is not only wisdom, he is also in us and we are in him (Joh 14,20, 1, Joh 4,15). It's about an intimate covenant that connects us to the triune God and not about trying to be wise as Jesus. Jesus Christ Himself lives in us and through us (Gal 2,20). He enables us to be wise. He is omnipresent in our innermost self not only as a force, but also as wisdom. Jesus invites us to use His indwelling wisdom in every situation in which we find ourselves.

Eternal, infinite wisdom

It's hard to understand, but amazingly, a cup of hot tea can help us understand this better. To make tea we hang a tea bag in a cup and pour boiling hot water over it. We wait until the tea is properly brewed. During this time, the two components mix. It used to be said, "I prepare an infusion," which perfectly reflects the process that is taking place. A "cast" is the connection to a unit. When you drink the tea, you are not actually taking the tea leaves yourself; they remain in the bag. You drink "tea-water", the tasteless water, which is connected with the taste-intensive tea leaves and can be enjoyed in this form by you.

In the covenant with Christ we do not take on his physical form any more than water does not take the shape of tea leaves. Nor does Jesus accept our identity, but rather connects our human life with his inexhaustible eternal life, so that we bear witness to the world with our way of life. We are united with Jesus Christ, which means that eternal, limitless wisdom unites us.

The Letter to Colossians reveals to us, "All the treasures of wisdom and knowledge are hidden in Jesus" (Kol 2,3). Hidden does not mean that they are kept hidden, but rather that they are stashed as treasure. God has opened the lid of the treasure chest and encourages us to use our needs. It is all there. The treasures of wisdom are ready for us. On the other hand, some people are constantly searching for something new and are making a pilgrimage from one cult or one experience to the next in order to find the treasures of wisdom that the world holds. Jesus has all the treasures ready. We only need his alone. Without him we are fools. Everything is resting in it. Believe this. Take it for granted! Receive this invaluable truth and receive the wisdom by the power of the Holy Spirit and become wise and become wise.

Yes, Jesus lived up to the New Testament and the Old Testament. In him the law, the prophets and the scriptures (wisdom) were fulfilled. He is the wisdom of the Holy Scripture.

by Gordon Green

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